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Sgt Bradham

Assistant Squad Leader
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About Sgt Bradham

  • MOS
    0311 Rifleman

15th MEU Personnel Profile

  • 1) School of Infantry
  • 2) Qualified MOS
    0311 Rifleman
  • 3) Corporal's Courses
    CPLC 101, CPLC 102, CPLC 103
  • 4) Sergeant's Courses
    SGTC 201, SGTC 202, SGTC 203
  • 7) Auxiliary Qualifications
    CLSAMS, DMR, Demolitions, M32
  • 8) Date of Rank
  1. Thanks for the advice guys, after the server restarted it cleared up and I could log on. Went through all the mods and files anyway and validated arma's files for good measure. Seems like it was a server issue, so all good!
  2. Type of Issue: Server Status Date Observed: 02/24/2020 Severity: Major Mission Name: Issue Details: Can't get onto the server, all mods are correct and I could load on the night before. I'm getting an infinite loading screen with no messages. Suggestions: Not sure what the solution is, just looking for help or answers
  3. Application View Application Status Bradham Submitted 08/01/2019 11:30 PM Last Name Bradham Timezone America/New_York Country United States Additional Application Fields First Name Steve Middle Initial C Age 27 Desired MOS 0311 Rifleman How long have you been playing ArmA III? 2 years (485 hours on record) Are you currently in an ArmA III gaming clan or unit? No How did you find out about us? Arma 3 U
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