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Current Open Billets and Contact List

S1 Personnel

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Here is a list of the currently open billets within the 15th MEU Realism Unit. (ACE is NOT an ENTRY level billet.) If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with the personnel listed under "Contacts" or your assigned Recruiter.

For a complete listing of all billeted positions available by element please use these links.
Ground Combat Element - Aviation Combat Element


Rifle Platoons
Infantry is always accepting new members but the actual open billets vary.
Contact - Capt J. Moore

Armor Composite Platoon
Contact - 1stLt Clendaniel

Battalion Aid Station
Contact - HMCM (FMF) Calais or HMC (FMF) T. Savage


Aviation Combat Element HQ

Contact - LtCol K. Zheng, Maj Dent


Please note: Aviation Combat Element (ACE) pilot billets are not open to new members of the unit.

- Recruiting Command


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