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  • Command Staff: Who They Are and What They Do

    Command Staff

    Over the  years the understanding of who and what Command Staff is and what they do has slowly ebbed away. These days many members may not even know Command Staff exists, much less how they operate. This will, hopefully, bring light to the Command Staff of the 15th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit.

    The Command Staff is the legislative/governing body of this unit. They are the ones who approve/deny/change all policies throughout the unit. Everything from the change from the M16 to the M4, to the opening and closing of sections throughout the unit, are decided by Command Staff. These decisions are fully discussed and voted on by the members of the Command Staff during their bi-weekly Sunday meetings. Generally speaking, Command Staff members discuss issues they have noticed themselves, or have received through the Chain of Command. They cannot, however, discuss things they are not aware of. This is why the Chain of Command is so important, because it will almost always reach Command Staff to be discussed when the Chain of Command is used properly.

    Most decisions are approved by a simple majority of the Command Staff. However in most cases an issue will not be put to rest until a near unanimous decision has been made, because at any point the discussion can be brought back up to the table. We try to include all concerns into any decision we eventually reach so as to satisfy as many parties as possible.

    Command Staff members are decided in two ways. The first way, which is the original way, is simple invitation to long-standing, respected members of the unit who the rest of Command Staff feels can provide a voice to the decision making of the unit. The second way is based upon billet: MEU HQ, Company Commanders, the ACE CO, Company 1stSgts, and the senior of the Platoon Commanders of the GCE Supporting Elements, will all be invited to Command Staff after they are cemented into their position. All of these except MEU HQ members are removed from Command Staff once they have left that billet (MEU HQ members retain Command Staff status throughout their career, if they ever choose to transfer from MEU HQ).

    Over the years we have had many respected and wise individuals sit in the seats of Command Staff. This list will be maintained as a record of those who are on Command Staff for public knowledge.

    Current Members
    Colonel Murphy, J. (MEU CO)

    Lieutenant Colonel Moore, J. (MEU XO)

    Lieutenant Colonel Zheng (ACE CO)

    Captain Riske (India Company CO)

    First Lieutenant A. D. Johnson (Gator CO)

    Sergeant Major Hollon (MEU SgtMaj) 

    Master Chief Hospital Corpsman Calais (Invited member, BAS SNCOIC)

    First Sergeant Harvey (India Company 1stSgt)

    Former/Reserve Members

    Colonel Alexander, M. (Former MEU XO)

    Colonel Penny (Former MEU CO)
    Colonel Savage (Former MEU CO/XO)
    Colonel Schultz (Former MEU CO/XO)
    Colonel Starck (Former MEU XO)

    Lieutenant Colonel Charboneau (Former ACE CO)

    Lieutenant Colonel Coffield (Former MEU XO)
    Lieutenant Colonel Conrad (Former MEU XO)

    Lieutenant Colonel Gage (Former ACE CO)

    Lieutenant Colonel Hansen, A. (Former MEU XO)
    Lieutenant Colonel Mills (Former ACE CO)

    Lieutenant Colonel Watson, C. C. (Former ACE CO)

    Major Bird (Former MEU CO)
    Major Drumheller (Former Foxtrot Company CO)

    Major Keta (Former India Company CO)
    Major Leber (Former Invited Member)
    Major Rittenhouse (Former MEU SgtMaj/Golf and Echo Company CO)

    Major Thomas, D. A (Former Invited member)

    Captain Carr (Former ACE CO)
    Captain De Landelles (Former Titan CO)
    Captain Dennis, W. (Former Echo Company CO)

    Captain Gaden (Former India Company CO)

    Captain Graff (Former India Company CO)
    Captain Hayes, P. (Former Echo Company CO)

    Captain Johnston, C. (Former MSOT Team Leader)

    Captain Nolan, L. (Former MEU SgtMaj)

    Captain Roddy (Former Force Reconnaissance CO)
    Captain Schultz, D. (Former Echo Company CO)
    Captain Smart (Former Echo Company CO)
    Captain Tigernan (Former MEU SgtMaj)

    Captain Wiggin (Former Senior GCE Supporting Assets)

    Captain Wulff (Former MSOT Team Leader)

    First Lieutenant Clendaniel (Former Gator CO)

    First Lieutenant Karelia (Former Armor CO)
    First Lieutenant Sellers (Former LCE CO)

    First Lieutenant Taylor, H. (Former ACP CO)

    Second Lieutenant Alonso (Former MSOT Team Leader)

    Sergeant Major Hoagland (Former MEU SgtMaj)
    Master Gunnery Sergeant Benevento (Former MEU SgtMaj)

    Master Gunnery Sergeant Masters (Former MEU SgtMaj)

    Master Gunnery Sergeant Reite (Former Invited member)
    Master Gunnery Sergeant Willett (Former invited member)
    First Sergeant Shepard (Former invited member)

    Master Sergeant Phillips (Former MSOT TL)

    Staff Sergeant Gambino (Former Echo Company CO)
    Hospitalman First Class Olah (Former MEU SgtMaj)

    If you have any questions about the process, or recently discussed topics at Command Staff Meetings, refer to the Command Staff member in your chain of command. They will freely discuss these topics with you.


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