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  1. Writing credit attributed to @GySgt A. Hansen.
  2. Please put streams, pictures, and videos from the 24 hour operation in this thread!
  3. 15th MEU (SOC) | TFA | OPAW 05-19 |Cpl P. Greene 1-2-C Twitch URL:https://www.twitch.tv/admiralgreene Webcam: No
  4. @HR A. Sondhi gunfighter 1-5 pilot is already taken
  5. Operation Hammerhead Public Server Air Assault 27JUL19 1300CST Public Mod Pack Here Overview This is a 15th MEU Operation open to the public to join. All slots that aren't specifically marked as 15th only are open to the public in a first come first serve basis. The mission is a heliborne air assault across an entire theater of war. We will be acting as Taskforce Hammerhead, operating as a QRF for I MEF forces as they assault enemy lines. Expect high intensity combat against a variety of targets. Background The People's Socialist Republic of Takistan, or PSRT, is a large and oil rich Marxist-Leninist nation that survived the fall of the USSR. The country cut off all oil access to the west and declared war on the United States after claiming to have uncovered CIA involvement in the recent assassination of PSRT President-Elect Sharif Yousafzai. I MEF was sent in response and initiated a campaign against PSRT armed forces, the Takistani Revolutionary Guard, or TRG, meeting fierce resistance and an organized defense. US Forces have managed to push the TRG back into the Feruz Abad region of Takistan, where they now prepare for another assault. MISSION: Taskforce Hammerhead will begin at FOB Lima. We are tasked assaulting OBJ Alpha to secure a key enemy air assault point, as well as OBJ Bravo, a key enemy installation. After both objectives are met, Taskforce Hammerhead will operate as an airborne QRF for other friendly forces, assisting in the continuing invasion of PSRT territories. FRIENDLY SALUTE: I MARINE EXPEDITIONARY FORCE Taskforce Alpha Size: 1x Infantry Company, 1x Armor Platoon, 1x Motorized Division Activity: Assault on Loy Manara Airbase Location: Chak Chak Unit: 11th MEU Taskforce Bravo Size: 1x Motorized Company, 1x Armor Section, 1x Mechanized Division Activity: Assault on Feruz Abad Location: Jilavur Unit: 13th MEU Taskforce Charlie Size: 2x Mechanized Platoon, 1x Motorized Platoon, 1x Armor Section Activity: Assault on Gospandi & Bastam Location: Mulladost Unit: 1st Btn 1st Marines Taskforce Delta Size: 1x Mechanized Division, 1x Armor Company Activity: Assault on Rasman & Zavarak Location: Nur Unit: 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade Enemy SALUTE: TAKISTANI REVOLUTIONARY GUARD (TRG) 1st Revolutionary Air Corps Size: 1 Infantry Company, 1x Transport Helicopter Wing, 1x Attack Helicopter Section Activity: Preparation for Air Assault Location: Rasman Air Base Unit: Airborne Forces Equipment: Russian Weaponry, Mi8's & Mi24's, Zu-23's 2nd Armored Army of the Revolution Size: 1x Reinforced Infantry Company, 1x Armor Company, Mortar Support Activity: Defense of Bastam, assault on Mulladost Location: Gospandi, Bastam Unit: Armor & Light Infantry Equipment: Russian Small Arms, T72's, T64's, BTR's 1st Revolutionary Armor Shock Corps Size: 1x Armor Regiment, 1x Mechanized Company, 1x SPG Platoon Activity: Reinforcing TRG front lines Location: Karachinar Unit: Mechanized forces & Heavy armor Equipment: Russian Small Arms, T90A's, BMP2's, 2S3's 57th Revolutionary Mountain Brigade Size: 1x Infantry Regiment, 1x Recon Platoon, Mortars Activity: Defense of Feruz Abad, Reconnaissance Location: Feruz Abad, Anar Unit: Light Infantry, Motorized Forces, Special Forces Equipment: Russian Small Arms, GAZ MRAPs 3rd Revolutionary Army Size: 1x Mechanized Company, 2x Infantry Company Activity: Defense of Garmsar, reinforcement of front lines Location: Garmsar, Imarat, Timurkalay Unit: Mechanized & Motorized Forces Equipment: Russian Small Arms, BMP2's, Ural's 12th Revolutionary Air Assault Brigade Size: 1x Mechanized Airborne Company, 1x Attack Helicopter Section, 2x Airborne Platoons Activity: Defense of Loy Manara Airbase & surrounding area, assault on Chak Chak Location: Loy Manara, Huzrutimam Unit: Airborne Mechanized & Light Infantry Forces Equipment: Russian Small Arms, BMD's, BTR's, Mi24's EXECUTION: Commanders Intent: It is the intent of I MEF Command to route TRG forces through a combination of frontal assault & airborne raids. Enemy Key Strength: TRG is currently in a dug-in and defensive posture. This means that we will have to be the ones attacking, giving them a slight edge over us. They still have several support units and armor to assist them. Enemy Key Weakness: TRG Heavy Anti Air support has been neutralized, and we have total air superiority, meaning unfettered access to the skies. ROSTER: Feel free to sign up below. Please only sign up if you can arrive at the start. Those showing up halfway through can select any slots available.
  6. All roles updated. Again, the task force will stepoff between 1300CST and 1315CST. The server will be closed at 1200CST and opened for joining at 1230CST. As this is a join in progress mission, it's fine if you don't make it then, just understand that you will be reinserted by helicopter to the FOB.
  7. Roster updated!! For clarification, the start time is 1300CST. I ask that all leadership arrive early, and we will start letting people load in at 1230CST. JiP is welcome and expected, if you join midop find Zeus for guidance.
  8. Roster updated! Weapons, 3rd squad, and 4th vic will open with 1 full squad.
  9. Operation Silver Tiger Public Server Patrol Op 22JUN19 1300CST Overview This is a 15th MEU Operation open to the public to join. All slots that aren't specifically marked as 15th only are open to the public in a first come first serve basis. The mission is fairly straightforward, and a throwback to the insurgency missions of old. The taskforce will be stepping off from FOB Kilo in a mechanized patrol, establishing a FOB in the middle of the AO, and stepping off from there in patrols to interact with locals, deal with insurgent forces, and find the location of several enemy caches & hideouts. The mission will begin at 1300 and continue until all the caches & hideouts are dealt with, or we decide to end the mission. Friendly Forces At full strength there is one full Rifle Platoon in the old style, two machine guns, one SMAW, one mortar tube, one engineering team and one EOD team directly under your control. Additionally, a mech platoon of four(4) M113's will be directly attached to the Rifle Platoon to provide mechanized capability, and will be directly coordinating w/ infantry to support them. That will be one(1) M113 per squad, with an additional engineering M113 directly attached to the Combat Engineers. For air support there will be one(1) UH-1Y light transport/attack helicopter and one(1) CH-53 heavy lift helicopter available, for reinserts and airlift capabilities. Enemy Forces Enemy forces consist of a well equipped militia insurgent force, utilizing Eastern-Bloc weapons, equipment, and vehicles. This force is called the Altian Liberation Front, or ALF, with the stated goal of complete withdrawal of all NATO forces from the island. The main extent of hostile armor consists of old BRDMs and BTRs, but it is possible that they have some tanks in their forces as well, but it is unlikely. Mostly expect foot patrols, insurgent guerrillas in the cities, and lightskinned technicals and trucks. There is no available enemy air forces at this time. Enemy Command Structure The enemy has a known command structure operating in the AO, directing and leading the local forces from currently unknown locations. Their capture or elimination would be considered beneficial to our peacekeeping efforts. The enemy commanders are listed below: Col. Josef Toptunov Position: Commander of the ALF Background: Former Russian Spetsnaz Officer who defected from the Russian Military to establish the ALF. His military background and tactical skills have allowed the ALF to expand its territory and operate with surprising efficiency. Current Whereabouts: UNKNOWN Lt. Caesar 'The Butcher' Constantinou Position: ALF 2nd in Command Background: Altis local bandit turned insurgent leader, known for his brutality against friend, foe, and civilian alike. Suspected mass murderer and war criminal, believed to have razed entire villages for not supporting the ALF. Current Whereabouts: UNKNOWN Hasan Papadopoulos Position: Altis Senator & Businessman, Backer of ALF Background: One of the first political officers in Altis to openly back the ALF, he has used his considerable wealth as the owner of several Altis industries to financially back the insurgency. It is believed that he has used the ALF to destroy the industrial capabilities of his competitors on the island for his own gain. Current Whereabouts: Agios Dionysios MODS: https://15thmeu.net/index.php?/forums/topic/170-15th-meu-soc-official-public-server-information/&tab=comments#comment-247 ROSTER: Feel free to sign up below. Please only sign up if you can arrive at the start. Those showing up halfway through can select any slots available.
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