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Operation Silver Tiger -- PUBLIC SERVER OP 22JUN19 1300CST

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Operation Silver Tiger

Public Server Patrol Op

22JUN19 1300CST



This is a 15th MEU Operation open to the public to join.  All slots that aren't specifically marked as 15th only are open to the public in a first come first serve basis.

The mission is fairly straightforward, and a throwback to the insurgency missions of old.  The taskforce will be stepping off from FOB Kilo in a mechanized patrol, establishing a FOB in the middle of the AO, and stepping off from there in patrols to interact with locals, deal with insurgent forces, and find the location of several enemy caches & hideouts.  The mission will begin at 1300 and continue until all the caches & hideouts are dealt with, or we decide to end the mission.





Friendly Forces

At full strength there is one full Rifle Platoon in the old style, two machine guns, one SMAW, one mortar tube, one engineering team and one EOD team directly under your control.  Additionally, a mech platoon of four(4) M113's will be directly attached to the Rifle Platoon to provide mechanized capability, and will be directly coordinating w/ infantry to support them.  That will be one(1) M113 per squad, with an additional engineering M113 directly attached to the Combat Engineers.  For air support there will be one(1) UH-1Y light transport/attack helicopter and one(1) CH-53 heavy lift helicopter available, for reinserts and airlift capabilities.


Enemy Forces

Enemy forces consist of a well equipped militia insurgent force, utilizing Eastern-Bloc weapons, equipment, and vehicles.  This force is called the Altian Liberation Front, or ALF, with the stated goal of complete withdrawal of all NATO forces from the island. The main extent of hostile armor consists of old BRDMs and BTRs, but it is possible that they have some tanks in their forces as well, but it is unlikely. Mostly expect foot patrols, insurgent guerrillas in the cities, and lightskinned technicals and trucks.  There is no available enemy air forces at this time.


Enemy Command Structure

The enemy has a known command structure operating in the AO, directing and leading the local forces from currently unknown locations. Their capture or elimination would be considered beneficial to our peacekeeping efforts. The enemy commanders are listed below:


Col. Josef Toptunov

Position: Commander of the ALF

Background:  Former Russian Spetsnaz Officer who defected from the Russian Military to establish the ALF.  His military background and tactical skills have allowed the ALF to expand its territory and operate with surprising efficiency.

Current Whereabouts: UNKNOWN



Lt. Caesar 'The Butcher' Constantinou

Position: ALF 2nd in Command

Background: Altis local bandit turned insurgent leader, known for his brutality against friend, foe, and civilian alike.  Suspected mass murderer and war criminal, believed to have razed entire villages for not supporting the ALF.

Current Whereabouts: UNKNOWN



Hasan Papadopoulos

Position: Altis Senator & Businessman, Backer of ALF

Background: One of the first political officers in Altis to openly back the ALF, he has used his considerable wealth as the owner of several Altis industries to financially back the insurgency. It is believed that he has used the ALF to destroy the industrial capabilities of his competitors on the island for his own gain.

Current Whereabouts: Agios Dionysios


MODS: https://15thmeu.net/index.php?/forums/topic/170-15th-meu-soc-official-public-server-information/&tab=comments#comment-247





Feel free to sign up below. Please only sign up if you can arrive at the start. Those showing up halfway through can select any slots available.

Edited by SSgt T. Caron
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