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  1. Date: 05MAY19 Instructors Senior - SNA Atom Assistant - 1stLt De Munck, 2ndLt Riggenti Helpers - 1stLt "Stinger" Solo, 1stLt Frable, LCpl Schottinger, Pvt D. H. Shepard Attendance @Pvt A. Schindler - 0331 @Pvt Carter - 0311 @Pvt K. Zheng - HM-8404 Respectfully submitted, 2ndLt Riggenti
  2. Welcome! Been there, not quite that long, but I still get sad when I think about that time I attempted to move with all my belongings to a greener pasture in my stealth badger, and got ganked in less than 10 seconds on the other side of a lowsec gate. Good times, good times. We have a group here with a current obsession with Space Engineers, if you like space and building. But if that isn't your gig, just wait a month. I'm sure this ADHD support group will move on to the next thing.
  3. Aw, and miss the lol opportunities? You can use the link below to get it changed officially in all the e-file cabinets: https://15thmeu.net/index.php?/forums/topic/1937-name-changes/
  4. FTX 01-19, Raid on the Old Cannery, 26JAN19
  5. Date: 06JAN19 InstructorsSenior - GySgt AwesomeAssistant - Capt D. Johansen, HM3 (FMF) Tater, LCpl KanefieldHelpers - 2ndLt H. Taylor, Cpl Banks, LCpl Gintoki Attendance @Mike Wolfie
  6. Post imgur or other photo share link here. Copy+paste the attendance from the Recruit Training Day 3 completion report.
  7. Aside from the public server, you are welcome to fill in for any infantry training (Archer 1, Archer 2, Archer 4). I recommend squad or platoon-sized events. Check the Calendar (under Resources), the Master Roster (under About Us), and squad and platoon TeamSpeak channels to confirm training times. About 15 minutes before the event starts, ask the squad or platoon leader if you can fill in. Most will say yes! (If they say no, tell me and I'll hunt them down and guilt them) Side note to any team, squad, or platoon leader. If you see Mr. Cartwright, or any SOI student, in TS and you're about to have a training, say hello and invite them. This IS a social group, after all.
  8. The pattern I've seen, and seems to be reiterated in S2 Zeus, is the 152 and 117 radios in the saved loadout don't work. If you pull a new radio from Arsenal, it will work. I remember a similar issue we had with TFAR radios a while back, and having to pull radios separately from loadouts.
  9. Welcome, Mr Ah Loy! I think you'll find the people aspect of the community and the platform (cause Arma really is a sandbox) to be the most rewarding challenge. We have a very wide variety of backgrounds, interests, reasons for playing, and skill level, and that variety ALWAYS keeps it interesting!
  10. You'd have to go to the individual server owner then, but De Munck is correct in that the errors indicate a CUP mismatch.
  11. Which server are you referring to? The public server? An unofficial training server?
  12. Well poop, I was hoping it would be an easy fix like that, but thank you for the confirmation.
  13. And everyone is going into Controls > Configure Addons > Acre2 and deleting the default Radio Push to Talk keybind (default set to Capslock) and only assigning keys to Alternate PTT 1, 2 and 3? That is highly recommended for a less confusing experience.
  14. Please give them 24 hours to process, Mr. Ridenour. That is our SOP. Thank you for your patience.
  15. @C/LCpl Sanderson still cannot get Acre2 to connect to TeamSpeak. Acre2 TeamSpeak 3.1.10 Here's a screenshot of his Acre log Anyone else follow all the directions and Acre2 still not connect to TS?
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