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An open letter of thanks to the 15th MEU RU.

LCpl (Ret) J. Perez

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I'm going to keep this a little short because it's about time to doze off. Tomorrow I'll start basic training at the Heroico Militar, Mexico's one and only officer's academy. It was this unit, and the members that I had the pleasure of working with, which inspired me to become a better person, one actually capable of being an officer in my country's armed forces. Believe it or not, the 15th molds your character if you let it, and for the best. While there's many names I can't remember, here are a few honorary mentions.


@Sgt E. Higgins - The one person who was always, unmistakably, my superior and teacher during my entire stay in the unit. You had way too much patience with me and should have thrown an NJP or two. Thank you lad, I really appreciate you.

@SSgt Sanderson - The cadet's prime man, who was there to witness every single one of my fuckups, and took his time to teach me a few things. I've seen you become real good at what you do around here today. Proud of you man.

@2ndLt Riggenti - God damn you had WAY too much patience with the cadets, especially me. I am absolutely baffled that you didn't chew me out like a dog toy at least once. The absolute DEGREE of shit you taught me is legendary. Thank you Riggenti, you're like a father figure to the cadets of the corps.

@1stLt (Ret) C. Russell - Fuck you asshole, I still have your shitty ozzie accent-voiced alter-ego whispering "do things right shithead" when the going gets rough. You taught me that "good enough" isn't actually good enough, and we should strive for absolute discipline. Godspeed man, wherever you are these days.


It's gonna take me all night to list everyone, so if you were in the Chadet Corps, in the old Archer 1-3 or under Kilborn, we likely had some good times together and I appreciate you a lot. AKA Buelow, Campos, Siddiqui, Tree, Teer, Burdine, Le, Halvorson, Byrd, Everett, Reep, Medina, etc.


Finally, @Espitia te estoy esperando perra, si ocupas ayuda para entrar échame un grito en Discord.


A big thank you to the 15th MEU RU and all of its members, past and present, for making this possible. Have fun, learn a lot, and listen to your superiors.



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@LCpl J. Perez

I'm glad things are working out for you brother. It's good to hear from you. Best of luck in your career as a british-mexican officer :P. 

Check in from time to time and don't be a stranger. 

See you around,


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Well shoot, @LCpl J. Perez, I dusted off the 15th URL in my browser and realized I missed this, but hopefully you'll get the notification and see it eventually. Thank you for the kind words, you took on a lot of difficulties leading that rowdy bunch and always approached it with q desire to learn and improve yourself. Congrats on starting your officer academy! I have no doubts you'll do well and apply any painful lessons you've learned here about working with people with diverse backgrounds, goals and opinions. Take good care of yourself!

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