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Does anyone have any suggestions for getting up to speed on utilizing the required Mods? 


I am slotted for Rct Training but would like to be proactive and learn some of the ropes before executing my scheduled training. 


One inquiry I have is whether or not the Scroll Wheel function is no longer a primary control while using ACE. I noticed when in the test server it no longer shows any dialog menu when I use the middle mouse button or scroll wheel. 


I am not getting any errors when loading in, but I wanted to make sure everything was good to go.


Any help or direction would be appreciated. 

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The best way to become proficient in using ACE functions, ACRE, and regular Arma 3 scroll wheel interactions is to spend some time in the public server that can be found here. You will need to create a different mod preset for the public server since it utilized different mods.


But to answer your question:

  • Bind the ACE interaction and self-interaction keybind to something that you are comfortable using/reaching because it is something that you will use frequently and should not be a hassle to reach the required keys. My keybinds for ACE interactions are the default keybinds and it should work pretty well for you too.
  • Learn how to program and use the radios within ACRE. You will mostly be utilizing the 343 within a fireteam-sized element and the 152 within a squad-sized element. Bind the three push-to-talk keys for your radios to something that is easy for you to remember and utilize.
  • Learn what you can and cannot do with ACE interaction and self-interaction and ways to reduce the time required to accomplish a task within the interaction menu; such as rendering medical aid (this can be done by pressing "H" when you're near a person), opening your radio to lower the volume or change the channel (mine is set to CTRL+ALT+CAPS lock to open my selected radio), and setting up multiple radio push-to-talk keys so you won't be switching radios all the time with a hotkey or by going back into the self-interaction menu time and time again.

All of the things that I have mentioned above, you will learn some of it during recruit training and the rest during ITB. Your instructors should and will go over how to properly set up your radios and how to bind the correct keys to what you want, combat stances, utilizing the ACE Medical system, and much much more. I've only been here for a few months, but if you can master how to use and program the 343 and 152 radio so you can utilize it to their full potential, you will be good to go in the long run. I have seen many cases where members do not know how to use a 152 because they've only been using 343s their entire time here. Be proactive and ask questions when given the chance. There is no such thing as stupid questions, only stupid answers.


If you ever need help with in-game keybinds, mechanics, or just general questions regarding anything within the unit, feel free to message me or your recruiter here, or reach out to any other members of the unit on Teamspeak and we will always be glad to help you out.

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Left Windows key (interact on other things and people) and Left Ctrl + Left Windows (self-interact) key are the primary keys for pulling up medical, group, radio, cargo, repair, and arsenal functions. You can get close to objects, vehicles and people then interact on them to see all of the available functions. One thing I would recommend is to go into your Controls > Addons > ACE Interaction menu and set the interaction menu to display as lists. There are some other Interaction menu settings you can play with to make them display easier for you, but that one is a big one for ease-of-use.


I still use the mouse scroll wheel a lot when carrying a launcher as it allows quick change between looking through a range finder and the launcher, and also when switching between types of ammo. If you're a tank gunner, its also used to switch between types of ammo for the main gun.

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