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S4 Logistics

15th MEU (SOC) Official Public Server Information

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15th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit Public Server Information


Server Name: 15th MEU (SOC) Official Public Server |RHS| |ACRE| CBA| ACE| CUP|


Password: none




This Thread Last Updated: 26MAY19




The Steam Workshop is the fastest and easiest way to download the required mods for our servers. The link can be found below.


Public Server Mods Steam Collection




Manual Mod Links (in preferred load order):












CUP Terrains Core

CUP Terrains Maps

ACRE 2 - Recommended; Required for pilots/crew



3CB Factions

Isla Abramia (Terrain)


Client-Side Mods



Compass and Watch Enlarger
Enhanced Movement




Anything not listed above will not be allowed on the server





Color Codes:

Green = Working, minimal bugs
Orange =  Some bugs, still playable
Red = Unavailable DO NOT LOAD

Magenta = Alpha/Beta Release, untested


ArmA 3 Public Server Missions:



Altis Liberation

Takistan Liberation

Chernarus Liberation

Sahrani Liberation

Lingor Liberation
Isla Abramia Liberation

Tanoa Liberation





If you experience an issue or bug on the server, please fill out the form linked below.


Public Server Help Form


If you have an armory request (addition of items), please fill out the form below.


Public Server Armory Request


If you would like to request that a certain mod be added, please fill out the form below.


Public Server Mod Request




Server Rules

  • 1. Friendly fire is prohibited. There is NO exception to this; NO moment when friendly fire is acceptable. Violators shall be banned without warning.
    2. Racism, harassment, sexist remarks, and general disrespect are prohibited. Violators shall be kicked or banned without warning.
    3. Exploits, unapproved mods, and use of personal arsenal are prohibited. Violators shall be banned.
    4. Misuse of mission interfaces (purchasing, recycling, etc) or negligent actions harming server health are prohibited. Violators shall be warned or kicked.
    5. Game Server Admins(red/silver shield) may initiate a vote and may conduct a mission restart/change if approved by majority vote.
    6. No player other than a 15th MEU RU member may be voted as admin.
    7. 'Kingpin 4' slots are for S-4 staff use only. Unauthorized users shall be kicked.
    8. Any issues with players breaking these rules can be reported to any Silver or Red Shield, or on the 15thmeu.net forums.
    9. Asshattery is Deprecated. Infractions of these rules by 15th MEU members shall be addressed through official disciplinary action.
  • 10. Abusing Opfor Equipment (IE wearing kits in an attempt to roleplay as or look as close to the enemy as possible) is prohibitied as it will cause possibly blue on blue incidents.


Pilots' Rules

  • 1. All pilots shall be on TS using ACRE. Maintain watch on TAD 80 (SCA Channel 80) when flying.
    2. All aircraft CREW shall be in pilot slots.
    3. This server is not a place for players to learn to fly. Please be thoughtful of others.
    4. Aircraft are NOT personal cars, and shall not be left in the AO while still flight capable.


Duty admins are encouraged to conduct periodic mission resets on Liberation missions and #monitor server status to retain server health.

Duty admins can reference this guide for information on processing conduct violators.



Radio Information


PRC-343:  The primary radio for squad level coordination in the 15th MEU is the PRC-343 PRR. This radio operates in the 2.4GHz range using frequency hopping and is extremely secure, but is not capable of cross-talk with VHF/UHF radios like the PRC-152 and 117. The maximum effective range of the PRC-343 is between 500m and 1km depending on terrain line-of-sight. The PRC-343 has 16 blocks of 16 unlabeled channels available.


PRC-152:  The primary radio for higher level coordination in the 15th MEU is the PRC-152, which shares the same Software Communications Architecture as the PRC-117, as well as a shared programming personality. The maximume effective range of the PRC-152 is between 5 and 15 km depending on terrain, obstructions, frequency, and atmospheric conditions. Information on the most useful channels programmed in the SCA template is available below. The full list is available here.

Chan Name Purpose
SCA 01 MCALL Hailing/Common
SCA 10 I CO India Company Main (GCE Primary)
SCA 50 ARMOR Armor Coordination
SCA 55 FO 55 Artillery Calls For Fire
SCA 80 TAD 80 Primary Air-to-Ground
SCA 92 CTAF 1 ATC Air Traffic Advisory
SCA 95 AIRSPC Primary Air-to-Air
SCA 99 GUARD UHF Emergency / SAR Channel



Edited by GySgt T. Caron
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Liberation Revision 6.0 released to server:


Templates included:








  • Loading image updated
  • Rule sign updated
  • Stringtable updated to R6.0.
  • Woodland preset recreated and updated.
  • Presets selected between DES and WDL per mission.
  • Fixed init_presets.sqf throwing errors for missing class references in OPFOR infantry.
  • Fixed popup message about no entry for widthRailWay caused by missing value in standard_controls.hpp
  • Tanks classnames corrected to MEU tanks.
  • S1 Recruiting Detachment sign added, buildable objects for S1RD and Rules signs added to build menu.
  • Helicopter start spawn locations and systems fixed to reduce exploding/disappearing helicopters on carrier/at start base.


R5.1 will be removed from the server on next restart. Future template changes should be made to R6.0 templates.



S1 RECRUITING DETACHMENT SIGN is a buildable item under the Buildings tab of the Build menu. This sign will lose its texture on mission restart/refresh or server restart. 15th members should take care that the old is recycled and a new sign placed at active FOBs for visibility. Thank you for participating in recruiting efforts with that small task.


A small 1m/0.5m server rules sign has also been added through the same utility. This can be spawned if needed for reference, and is also subject to the same loss of texture on mission refresh.




Edited by 1stLt H. Taylor
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Kujari released to server at v0.963 R6.0. as above. First playing release.


Kujari to be added to server modlist, page references, and steam collection.

Edited by 1stLt H. Taylor
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Posting on behalf of @1stLt De MunckMunck so it's not on a perishable chat board and I remember it:


"The Fuel Crate at the Op base on Kujari is a little too close to the other two crates which causes it to explode upon interaction. Could you guys please fix this @S4 Mission"


Will be corrected next release.

Edited by 1stLt H. Taylor

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Liberation v0.963 R6.1

  • Missed copy error causing Black Wasp to be available for purchase in place of AV8B corrected.
  • Debug console removed.

Kujari Liberation

  • ACE RRR boxes relocated to other side of wall and spaced for safety.
  • Vehicle respawn tweaked.

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Alright i have everything downloaded and updated. But when i go to join thw server apparently im missing a file that's been deleted.acex_sitting

What does this mean am i using tje wrong version? 

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@Cpl (Ret) N. Hernandezwe're aware of this. A possible solution has just been found. It should be able to be used against after the next server restart. 

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Insurgency appears to have been removed as a game mode on the server.

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The existing versions were broken. Fixed versions have been produced and I am awaiting them being sent to me for upload.

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Liberation v0.963 R6.2

  • Added new variants of new vics from the RHS update
  • Overwork of the equipment whitelist for new gear from the RHS update

Two New Liberation Maps


In the case that you encounter a DLC missing kick make sure you have all maps downloaded.
Repair your old Maps, Unsup and Resup.

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Liberation Maps

  • Angola : Deadscreen Kick Fixed, Performance Optimizations
  • Isla Abramia : House Fixes, Unit Spawn area Moved 


In the case that you encounter a DLC missing kick make sure you have all maps downloaded.
Repair your old Maps, Unsup and Resup.

Edited by PFC Akuna
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All Liberation Missions have had their player template updated to support the ace update. All units are now set as a doctor to solve the inability to push fluids, check pulse, and check blood pressure.

The M1240A1 M-ATV Desert and Woodland has been added to the respective maps while the army variant has been removed.

Adjusted the OPFOR infantry presets so there should be more rifleman than machine gunners.


Mission version changed to V6.4

Edited by GySgt T. Caron
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Arsenal changed from full to whitelist with only blufor, limited greenfor, and limited vanilla assets to prevent misidentification of friendly forces. - Credit J. Lane
Misc Syntax errors fixed - Credit J. Lane
Vehicles purchase list updated to include M-ATV, M-ATV Socom variants, and the CH-53 GAU21.
Lowered resource costs for various vehicles.
CH-53 GAU21 Added to all maps via the carrier or land bases
Fixed Crate placement for the CH-53 -Credit N. Harrison
Updated Journal Public Rules, Teamspeak information, and Misc information.
Updated the Recruiting sign with the proper ranks and names. - Credit B. D. Stewart

Changed versions to be uniform and match the newest update.

Removed VCOM as it was bugging out the vanilla AI (expect grenades and rpgs now)



Changed version to R6.5



Issues that we're aware of:


Sign text doesn't currently match, fixed with next update.

Boxes clip inside of each other when loaded into the CH-53, workaround is them glitching into the top of the rear compartment.


Edited by GySgt T. Caron
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With this version update we decided it was better to start with a fresh copy of Liberation and modify it once again to our needs.
I cannot give enough credit to @Cpl J. Lane for his work on this matter.




Spare Barrel
8 Point Woodland and Desert
M1045A2 (M220A2/Snorkel), M1123 (4D/Open/Snorkel), and M1078A1R SOV (M2)
MI-28 Havoc Helicopter
Mi-8MTV3 Cargo Helicopter




ENVG-2 from the arsenal




Version 7.1 to 8

Complete rewrite or improvement of various sections of base liberation code. Credit: Cpl J. Lane
3CB SU-25 and MiG-29 switched back to RHS Grey/Camo variants




Garbage collector running improperly
Blufor on Takistan now have desert camo for their vehicles
All planes will now spawn in the air instead of in trees or on roads




We have also changed the way the arsenal and arsenal boxes work. We are now using the default Liberation arsenal which means it will be a scroll wheel instead of an ace interact. This change was made because previously we were altering how a large section of the scripts and code were being originally intended to be used. This will keep down on errors and hopefully lead to better server performance.

Edited by GySgt T. Caron
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