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ACE mismatch [resolved]

SSgt Cloma

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Hello, i have trouble loading into unit servers due to this ace version mismatch


i use steam version of ACE
i tried unsubbing and resubbing, still kicks me out
someone from the 15th passed me his ACE folder, i tried it using his folder, it still kicked me out

mods running at the time.
15th ammo

15th pack

cba a3





jsrs soundmod



ace compat rhsgref

ace compat rhsusaf

ace compat rhsafrf


cup terrains core

cup terrains maps

shacktac ui

chestpack (backpack on chest)

jsrs soundmod - rhsafrf sound support

jsrs soundmod - rhsgrefsaf sound support

jsrs soundmod - rhsusaf sound support


i have rpt file, im not good at reading it but the one thing that stood out was this

[ACE] (common) ERROR: ACE version mismatch: SSgt Cloma: Additional file(s);  z\ace\addons\common\functions\fnc_checkPBOs.sqf:69

i did some googling, i think this is related to a mission thing so i dont think this is the main cause of my problem.


i cant do rifle range until i figure out what is wrong.


i tried running without jsrs, ace compat files and the chest pack, st ui. still kicks me out from official unit servers. i havent tried any other 15th servers but i havent had this problem with other public non-15th servers i play on.


p.s. send halp



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