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Errors with ACE and TFAR

S. Eagle

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Alright this is what I get when I log into our bravo server:


Red rectangle in middle of screen: [ACE] Version Mismatch: Detected Missing addon on server

Bottom Left: [ACE] Pvt Eagle: Error missing server addon(s): nrc_army, hafm_navy_men, hafm_navy_config, hafm_navy, abramia_objects

Bottom Right: TFAR ERR Mapfile Access is Denied


I also had to go back to task force radio version 1.-1.0.165 so my teamspeak 3.1.6 would not crash.


Please help if you know what might be causing these issues.

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For the first issue, it is not an ACE error. The server just says ACE Version Mismatch because ACE is the mod that checks your PBO's. You are still running 15th Opfor and Abramia. We no longer use these mods, and using these in an official server will bar you entry. As per the TFAR issues, I've no idea. I've never seen anything like that.

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I cleaned up the mods and no longer get the red rectangle in the center of the screen and the message in the bottom left. Thank you for your help on that.


I am running Windows 7. The other plugins I have in teamspeak are ACRE2 and Control. I have the latest version of teamspeak 3.1.6. I went through a lot of the 1.-1.0.XXX tfar plugins. The latest versions crash my teamspeak right when I connect to the 15th MEU teamspeak. Lower versions crash teamspeak when I am load into the server.  The lowest version  1.-1.0.165  doesn't crash at all but displays the message I mentioned in the bottom right, and it doesn't work. 


So I am not sure which version of tfar won't crash my teamspeak and would work with the server?

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