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  1. Public Server Problem

    Do not download from the website. That's the old version that no longer works and is not maintained by the new TFAR author. Download from GitHub: https://github.com/michail-nikolaev/task-force-arma-3-radio/releases/tag/1.0-PreRelease 1.-1.0.274 should work for the Public Server.
  2. AWARD - Tanoa Service Ribbon

  3. Super Bowl Sunday, SOCEX Change

    Attention All Hands, Most of you know that 04FEB will be the start of our bi-annual SOCEX. That is, however, Super Bowl Sunday (for you non-Americans... it's a pseudo-holiday). We have, traditionally, made the operation on this date non-mandatory to excuse those who wish to partake in the festivities. We will be doing that again this year. However we do not want to make our first SOCEX non-mandatory attendance, so there will be some slight changes. -04FEB18 will be a non-mandatory event which will be FTX 02-18. -SOCEX 01-18 will be 18FEB18. -Deployment will be delayed one cycle this year in order to get in all of our SOCEX missions. -Col Penny MEU CO
  4. Earplugs

    Scratch that. Something seems to be wrong with the setting entirely. But you will not suffer deafness/ringing, so that's good news. Don't need to worry about them for now.
  5. Earplugs

    If you encountered that on the official servers it is being corrected today.
  6. 15th Pack - 17JAN18 Update

    Attention All Hands, There are a few changes I must note before we get to the changelog: 1) CBA has been removed from the 15th Pack download and is now a separate download. Please make sure to download it. (Recruiters please make sure to update the 15th Pack links as well, as it is different; it no longer has CBA included) 2) ACE is no longer a 15th-edited version, and will be the vanilla ACE version available. The download provided has not only ACE, but also ACEX and the ACE Compatibility files for ACE. 3) TFAR and Teamspeak 3 have been updated this go around as well. Changelog: CBA updated to 3.5.171204 and separated from 15th Pack download ACE3 updated to 3.12.1 ACE3 added ACEX and RHS compatibility files RHS AFRF updated to 0.4.5 RHS USAF updated to 0.4.5 RHS GREF updated to 0.4.5 RHS SAF updated to 0.4.5 TFAR updated to 1.0.273 Teamspeak 3 updated to 3.1.7
  7. End of Winter Stand Down

    Attention All Hands, We wake up this cold January morning - many of us with snow on the ground still (sorry, Dropbears) - ready to go back to bed. Alas it is Monday.. and for this Unit the most important Monday of the year. Down come the decorations and up we take the reins, ready to begin a new year. Our Winter Stand Down is over, and it is time to get back to work. That doesn't mean the fun ends.. on the contrary, it's just getting started. The last two years of the Unit have been rocky, trying, and difficult. The year 2018 for the 15th MEU Realism Unit - our eleventh - will be no less difficult. But we start this year with more hope and promise than the last couple years have brought us. Our numbers and confidence are back on the rise. Our Unit, rocked to its core and left wondering who it is as time, has righted the ship and are prepared to continue and strengthen our place as the foremost and premiere realism community of the Armaverse. It will still be hard. Sometimes it will still feel like we are not as we were. And it will be true. We are not the 15th MEU Realism Unit of 2014.. just as we are not the Unit of 2007, 2010, or even last year. We are older, smarter, and better. Every year - with every ounce of experience we get, every new person we bring into the fold, every change we make - we become better. This has always been the case, and this will continue to be the case. Some of you may call 2018 a 'return' of the 15th. We never went anywhere. We've always been here. We will continue to be here. We are the Standard-bearer. Welcome back from Break. Our work begins again today. Enjoy it. This place is supposed to be fun; it's what you make of it. -Col Penny MEU CO PS. The decorations have come down.. which means beatings will resume until morale improves.
  8. Halo Altis ALiVE Mission

    I have put together an ALiVE mission for Halo using Operation TREBUCHET. This will require much tweaking, I'm sure, so be patient and report any bugs. UNSC will spawn at the main airfield in the of the center of the island and are tasked with the capture of the island. Insurrectionists will be attempting to take the island from the control of the local Colonial Police Forces, and our UNSC forces will be reinforcing the CPD. The following mods will be required: CBA A3 Vanilla ACE 3 TFAR Operation: TREBUCHET - Steam Workshop OPTRE_Z - Steam Workshop Insurrection+ (OPTRE Submod) - Steam Workshop Halo Factions - Google Drive ALiVE Recommended: Enhanced Movement The name of the server is: 15th MEU (SOC) [Official] - Halo ALiVE Please report any bugs or issues here. Server password is 15alive
  9. Any way to stop the Christmas themed forum?

  10. Winter Stand Down 2017/2018

    Winter Stand Down has begun. All work from here until January 15th, 2018 is optional. Paperwork might not be processed, there will be no promotions, there will be no training, there will be no unit operations. Have a good Winter Break, and Happy Holidays.
  11. WWII Tanoa ALiVE Mission

    I have put together an ALiVE mission for WWII using FoW and IFA3. This will require much tweaking, I'm sure, so be patient and report any bugs. Americans will spawn at the southern airfield of the main island and are tasked with the capture of the islands. The following supports are available: M4A2 Sherman M5A1 Stuart M3 Halftrack Willy's Jeep GMC Truck LVCP P-39Q P-47 P-51 C-47 B-17 B-25 Radios for the RTOs are available, as well as a full Arsenal box with all WWII weapons and ammo (this will be the biggest issue because both IFA and FoW have the same weapons. Please let me know if ammo is missing for any weapon). The following mods will be required: CBA A3 CUP Terrains - Core Vanilla ACE 3 TFAR Faces of War - Google Drive or Steam Workshop Iron Front 3 - All in One - Lite - Google Drive or Steam Workshop Sab's Aircraft Lib - Steam Workshop Sabres Secret Weapons - Steam Workshop Sabres Plane Integration for IFA3 - Steam Workshop FoW Japanese Factions for ALiVE - Google Drive ALiVE Recommended: Enhanced Movement The name of the server is: 15th MEU (SOC) [Official] - WWII Pacific ALiVE Please report any bugs or issues here. Server password is 15alive
  12. WWII Omaha ALiVE Mission

    06DEC17 update: Updated ALiVE Made some tweaks to enemy forces Swapped out Shermans for proper D-Day Deep Wading Gear Shermans Added 2x Stuarts to the beach Adjusted vehicle respawn. Now should trigger respawn (after 5 minutes) when vehicle is disabled or abandoned.
  13. NJP Changes

    Attention All Hands, We are making some adjustments to the NJP Policy to allow more ability for those able to hand out NJPs. Currently there isn't quite enough.... teeth... to what they are allowed. We are changing this. Effective 15JAN17 we are doing away with the scaled deductions based on the administer's billet. The scale will, instead, be done by the offender's rank. The person administering the NJP will be able to deduct a maxmimum of 25% of the difference of CSE/CSO needed from their current rank to the next. That's someone complicated, I know, but below I will list out the maximum points allowed to be NJP'd per rank, in accordance with the new promotion policy listed HERE. These NJP maximums will be based only on the Category A points for the sake of simplicity. E-1: 4 E-2: 5 E-3: 12 E-4: 14 E-5: 21 E-6: 21 E-7: 19 E-8: 15 E-9: 15 O-1: 11 O-2: 15 O-3: 16 O-4: 17 O-5: 16 O-6: 16 Additionally, with the new Pay Grades HERE, those administering NJP will be able to deduct up to 25% of one's monthly pay. For simplicity's sake, here is the scale (this is subject to change): E-1: $40 E-2: $45 E-3: $47 E-4: $52 E-5: $57 E-6: $62 E-7: $72 E-8: $103 E-9: $127 O-1: $76 O-2: $88 O-3: $101 O-4: $115 O-5: $133 O-6: $160 Any questions regarding this new policy may be directed here. Again this is effective following WSD, when the new promotion policy takes effect. Until then the current NJP policy remains in place. -Col Penny MEU CO
  14. Pay Grade

    Attention All Hands, I have been flirting with this idea, as some of you may have seen before. Command Staff has now authorized this to see what else becomes of it. Effective immediately, all pay grades will now have an associated pay. That's right Devil Dogs.... you're now getting paid. Below is the payscale for all pay grades: A few items to note: This pay is monthly. There will be no pay difference between Reservists and Active Duty. This is prohibitively complicated. There will be no pay difference between MOS or billets. This is prohibitively complicated. There will be no additional pay for S-Shops. This is prohibitively complicated. Pay will be administered on the 1st of every month. Your rank as of 12:01am on that date will determine your pay for the month. Bonuses may be given by section leaders to individual(s) with approval from MEU HQ. Currently there are only a few unit-specific items you will be able to spend this money on. This is expected to grow as more ideas come with this system now implemented, as well as organic systems not regulated by the Unit. The items are as follows: The above items require some explanation: Every promotion you receive will incur a $100 deduction from your pay. This is to simulate having to purchase all brand new insignia for all of your uniforms. Awards and Decorations will be undergoing some major changes: All current Awards and Decs will cease work and will be removed All signature images will be replaced with a coyote vest patch, the exact same as is currently in my signature. Every member, from fresh SOI Private to Colonel, will have and carry one of these patches. No member, any longer, should have a blank signature. This patch can be replaced with the purchase of the Service Green Awards and Decs (what we currently use). This patch, or the Service Greens, can be replaced with a Dress Blues Awards and Decs (new). In addition, NCOs and Officers may purchase an NCO or Officer Sword for display next to Awards and Decs (Dress Blues only). Awards and Decs Staff will no longer maintain these racks on a specific time basis. If you want your rack updated you will have to request and purchase an update. The administration of this pay (automatic pay, deductions, tracking) will be done through a plugin on the forums. For this we will be needed to purchase and add the Automation Rules. We are already using the light version of this, which you will have experienced if you have made a Proposal lately and had its status changed. The Lite version of this extension only allows 10 rules, which we are currently using 3 of. We will need many more for the Pay Grades, and the purchase of this allows for the possibility of adding many more rules (automatic notification of application flagging, etc.). For this we will be taking donations. Any questions about this system may be directed here. Replacement of signatures will begin immediately. First pay will be administered January 1st. -Col Penny MEU CO
  15. Promotion Policy Changes

    Attention All Hands, Just about every year we tweak the promotion policy somewhat. Now is time for our annual tweaks. We have noticed, and discussed, the past couple years the degrading meaning of some ranks because they are too 'easy' to get, and that they are not treated or taught as well as they could. While we continue to make steps towards better education, we are today implementing a better experience need for everyone. Effective 15JAN17 (after WSD): The amount of of Time in Grade (and thus points, of course) required for almost all enlisted ranks will be increased Category B requirements for Corporal and Sergeant will be reduced from 3x to 2x, and for SSgt+ will be reduced from 3x to 1.5x (this is the old system) Officer TIG requirements will not be changing at this time (subject to change after WSD, they are being examined), but CSO requirements are being reduced. The reason for this is because the math was way off. All CSE/CSO requirements are calculated to the minimum amount of points one would acquire with 100% attendance (14 per month) in the TIG period, plus an extra 15% effort for all officer and NCO ranks. Officers were, somehow, miscalculated to be 21 points per month. This has been corrected. Officer Category B requirements will remain 3x The new requirements will be as follows: Any questions about these changes may be made here. As stated previously officers may also see a TIG increase after WSD. For now only enlisted TIG has been affected. -Col Penny MEU CO