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  1. Disrespect on Public Server

    Your comment only reflects that you are obviously too immature to play a video game. Good luck in your future endeavors, Mr. Sizzle. I'm certain we won't be seeing you here ever again.
  2. 15th MEU (SOC) Official Public Server Information

    Turned into a Maintenance Update. Be about 1900 CST before it's up.
  3. 15th MEU (SOC) Official Public Server Information

    Currently undergoing Windows updates. It will be relaunched soon.
  4. Sgt B. T. Smith can't access the forums

    PMing you on Discord.
  5. Col Penny

  6. Col Penny

  7. Leadership Grade Levels

    Attention All Hands, Over the years of our existence there has always been confusion on the various levels of leadership, to whom is related to whom, etc. etc. This becomes confusing when announcements or policies are written as something referring only to the infantry levels, or are so long and convoluted so as to attempt to include all levels. In order to alleviate this we are introducing 'Leadership Grade Levels'. If this sounds confusing, think of this as Pay Grade (E-1, E-2, O-1, etc.). All policies and announcements will [attempt to] be using reference to these leadership grades from here on out. L-1 - Team Leaders Fire Team Leader, Team Leader, Mortar Squad Leader, Tank Commander, Crew Chief, Element Leader L-2 - Commanders Squad Leader, Detachment Commander, Platoon Corpsman, Senior JTAC L-3 - Section Leader Weapons Section Leader, AAV Section Leader L-4 - Senior Leaders Platoon Sergeant, Platoon Commander, MSOT Team Chief, MSOT Team Leader, Company Corpsman L-5 - Group Leaders Company Commanding Officer, Company Executive Officer, Company First Sergeant, Company Gunnery Sergeant, ACE Commanding Officer, ACE Executive Officer, ACE Operations Officer L-6 - Battalion Leadership MEU Commanding Officer, MEU Executive Officer, MEU Sergeant Major, Battalion Corpsman Any questions, or requests for clarifications, or if I missed anything, they may be directed here. -Col Penny MEU CO
  8. Challenge Coins

    Attention All Hands, This is a little thing I've been toying with for some time and am now ready to deploy. We will be introducing Challenge Coins to the 15th. For those of you who don't know what challenge coins are you can read here for a good summation. These are nothing super official, and have no bearing on your membership or standing. They are simply a morale element we will be implementing. This will be visible on your profile in the 'Trophies and Medals' area (trophies and medals because that's the plugin we're using). These will be able to be handed out by anyone who is 'in control' of the section for which the coin represents. For sure we will be allowing specific coins for the following sections: 15th MEU India Company - Rifle India Company - Weapons Battalion Aid Station AAV Platoon Tank Platoon MSOT Military Police EOD UH-1 AH-1 CH-53 F-35 Certain levels of leadership (Company HQ, ACE HQ, MEU HQ) will also be able to create their own personal coins to be able to handed out to individual members. Coins will be automatically given only to the leader of the section in 'control' of the coin if they do not already possess it. Coins should not be awarded 'willy nilly'. They should be reserved for special circumstance where an official award is not appropriate. As of current no coins exist. As they are created and approved they will be crossed off the list here. If you wish to submit a coin for approval for a specific section, you may do so either by submitting a proposal or PMing the design directly to me. I retain final say on all designs. If you wish to create a coin for your own personal coin to hand out (a Commander's Coin) you may do so by submitting a Store Order. Creation of custom coins, if approved, will cost $500. Again, I retain final say on all designs. Designs may be submitting with the following guidelines: Should look like a challenge coin (do a quick search, there's all sorts of types, and they're not always only circular) Must be no larger than 250 x 250 Must be in PNG file type Questions may be directed to me personally. -Col Penny MEU CO
  9. Reactions Disabled

    Attentions All Hands, Due to abuse - and the fact that this isn't Facebook, reactions have been disabled for the following boards: Command Announcements Promotions Awards Honor Wall Operations Orders Intel Packets Old Orders After Action Reports Old Reports If any leader wants it disabled for their specific section's board as well please contact me directly. Reactions will still be enabled in all 'off duty' areas. -Col Penny MEU CO
  10. Attention All Hands, Over the past few months we have tested, implemented, and expanded forms for requesting the support of various supporting elements throughout the unit. As of today [most] elements now have a form, including: ACE Titan Gator Zeus Weapons Platoon Filling out these forms will create a topic directly in each section's board to be reviewed and assigned (if possible). If you need to request the support of one or more of these elements for your training, please feel free to fill out the relevant form in order to get their attention and submit the request. All forms for the Unit can be found here. -Col Penny MEU CO
  11. Attention All Hands, Over the past couple operations there has been a noted increase in the amount of incorrect mods, and a noted increase in the lack of server performance in relation to this. India Company has begun a practice to combat this that is now being pushed out as a Unit policy: Prior to joining the Task Force server, every member will be required to check in with their section representative (to be designated per operation by each section) on a 'Staging Server'. There will be two of these servers running every operation weekend, named Alpha and Bravo. Every member, without exception, will be required to check in with their designated representative prior to connecting to a Task Force Server. Any member found to be joining the Task Force server without checking in, and joining the Task Force server with incorrect mods, will be subject to punishment. For the month of April 2018: All members will receive a counseling for their first offense. Further offenses will result in an NJP and the loss of CSE/CSO. Beginning 01MAY18: Any member of the grade E-1 or SNA will receive a counseling for their first offense. Further offenses will result in an NJP and the loss of CSE/CSO. Any member above the grade of E-1 will receive an immediate NJP and the loss of CSE/CSO. There will be no counseling for first offenses. We take the health of our servers, and thus the enjoyment of our members, very seriously. The era of joining with incorrect mods is over. There will be no further excuse for us to blame a bad operation night on incorrect mods by members. This should be stupidly easy for everyone now. Fix your mods, check in, go kill. Any questions on this policy may be directed to your CoC. -Col Penny MEU CO
  12. New Weapons Platoon Commander

    Attention All Hands, 1stLt C. Smith has decided to move on from Weapons Platoon after his exemplary and notable service as their Platoon Commander. His service is appreciated and will be remembered by his men and his superiors well. He has decided to move into the new third JTAC position. Effective 19MAR18, B. D. Stewart will be taking command of Weapons Platoon, India Company. Mr. Stewart has a notable record of extended service in the Rifle Platoon, and more recently in the Tank Platoon. He has led the General Personnel Clerks of S-1 Personnel over the past few months, and brings to the position an eagerness and fresh perspective to not only learn and effectively implement the various sections of the Weapons Platoon, but to integrate them in a Combined Arms manner with the Rifle Platoons. Congratulations to both of you gentlemen, and good luck. -Col Penny MEU CO
  13. JTAC Billet Numbers

    Attention All Hands, Because of the need of demand we will be adding another billeted JTAC to the Company, effective 18MAR18. This billet with be a second 'Junior' JTAC and will be billeted at the rank of Sergeant. -Col Penny MEU CO
  14. Tank Platoon Billeted Rank Change

    Attention All Hands, Some time ago we made a change to the billeted ranks for the Tank Platoon, increasing them. This was a mistake on our part and should have never occurred. All of our billets are structured the same for fairness and equality to every section across the board. Therefore, effective immediately (28MAR18) the following structure for the billeted ranks of the Tank Platoon will be re-implemented: Platoon Commander - 1stLt Platoon Sergeant - SSgt Tank Commander - Cpl Gunner - LCpl Driver - LCpl Please note: No current member of the Tank Platoon who is above these ranks, or outside of the 'One Up, Two Down Policy' will be punished and lowered in rank because of this policy change while they remain in the Tank Platoon. -Col Penny MEU CO
  15. New Command Staff Member

    Attention All Hands, A month late, we are proud to announce the addition of a new member to Command Staff: Master Sergeant Phillips, as the Team Leader for MSOT, has agreed to take a seat on the 15th MEU Realism Unit Command Staff. MSgt Phillips has been an esteemed member of this unit for over 6 years, having filled many roles and duties including Rifle Platoon Commander, ACE pilot, MSOT/Force Recon Chief, and S-4 Mod Team Leader. We are pleased to have his voice and opinion in Command Staff, and look forward to working with him. This appointment is effective 18FEB18. -Col Penny MEU CO