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[RECYCLED] PERSCOM: New Application From Mason Brady


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Mason Brady

Submitted 06/04/2023 06:24 PM
  • Last Name Mason Brady
  • Timezone America/Chicago
  • Country United States

Additional Application Fields

  • Middle Name N/A
  • Discord Name MasonH#1663
  • Age 17
  • Did a 15th Member either help you get into the unit or recruit you? No
  • Desired MOS 0311 Rifleman
  • How long have you been playing ArmA III? 3 Years
  • Are you currently in an ArmA III gaming clan or unit? No
  • How did you find out about us? Joined the server Liberation
  • Why do you want to join the 15th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit? I am genuinely interested in joining the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) Realism Unit for several reasons. Firstly, as an avid participant in Arma 3's military simulation (milsim) community, I am drawn to the unit's commitment to realism and its meticulous attention to detail in replicating the intricacies of real-world military operations. By immersing myself in such an environment, I hope to deepen my understanding of military tactics, strategies, and the overall dynamics of coordinated team efforts. Moreover, the 15th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit offers a unique platform for personal growth and development, allowing me to enhance my leadership skills, communication abilities, and decision-making acumen within a structured and disciplined setting. By collaborating with like-minded individuals who share a passion for military simulation, I anticipate the opportunity to forge lasting bonds and establish a strong sense of camaraderie with fellow members. Ultimately, my aspiration to join the 15th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit is driven by a genuine desire to engage in a challenging and immersive experience that not only fosters personal growth but also provides a platform for teamwork, strategic thinking, and an appreciation for the military profession in a simulated context.

  • Prior 15th Member? No
  • Highest Level Completed None
  • Steam Name ChrisH
  • Steam Profile Link
  • Please check your user profile and ensure that the email address you registered with is correct. Have you done this? Yes
  • Have you read and understood the definition of Realism Gaming and do you agree to abide by it? YEs
  • Have you read and understood the requirements for our unit and the criteria for being active and taking a billet in this unit, and that failure to complete said criteria will place you into the reserve platoon? Yes
  • Do you understand the fact that this unit is a CST (GMT -6) time zone based unit, and the attendance requirements of operations on Sundays at 1900 CST (0100 GMT)? Yes
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  • Cpl Durrani changed the title to [NEEDS APPLICANTS ATTENTION] PERSCOM: New Application From Mason Brady

Applicant @ MasonH ,


Before we can process this application, it is required to provide a valid ARMA 3 Player ID. To find out how, check this link: Here. Once you have found your player ID, please update your application to reflect the changes and we will process this application as soon as possible.


Respectfully Submitted,

HN Durrani

Recruiting Detachment Processor

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  • Cpl De Lang changed the title to [RECYCLED] PERSCOM: New Application From Mason Brady

Applicant @ MasonH


Thank you for your interest in the 15th MEU(SOC) Realism Unit. We are, unfortunately, forced to drop your application at this time due to the above requirements not being met. That does not mean you are not welcome to the unit by any means. If you are still interested in joining, you may reapply at any time. Good luck.


Respectfully submitted,

Cpl De Lang

Recruiting Detachment Processor

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