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The purpose of this guide is to inform players as to the purpose and objectives of the 15th MEU Domination Server.
Server Name: [Unofficial] 15thMEU (SOC) - Domination Testing Server
PW: 15domination
Mods: Public Server Mod Set
Player Guide - https://github.com/Xeno69/Domination/wiki/Player-Guide

What is Domination?
Domination is a Co-Op, Multiplayer mission set where the goal is to free player selected Objective Areas (AO) from all enemy forces. Resolving side missions will earn your team better vehicles  (tanks, helicopters, planes).

Within each objective area (Main Target), there are four different targets. Barracks, Camps, Main Target, and Radio Tower. Most of these targets require explosive charges to destroy, except for the Camps which just need to be occupied and captured.

1. Destroying the Main Target will prevent the OPFOR from spawning new vehicles. This includes troop transports, MRAPs, IFVs, APCs, MBTs, and self-propelled AA/AAA. The Main Target structure will always appear as a deployed container HQ building.



2. Destroying the Radio Tower will prevent the OPFOR for calling in air support. This means all CAS calls made by OPFOR AI Spotters, will cease. This objective will spawn in one of two ways, atop an indestructible cargo tower, or on the ground. In either case, a high explosive charge must be placed at the concrete footings of the radio tower and blown up, in order to destroy the tower.



3. Destroying the Barracks will stop OPFOR infantry AI from spawning in them. There can be up to seven Barracks spawned per Objective Area. The number of Barracks spawned per Objective Area and how many are left to destroy will be displayed at the bottom of each player’s screen, when an AO is active. To destroy a Barracks structure, you will need to place and detonate a high explosive charge within the sandbag and wooden bunker structure that makes up the Barracks.




4. Occupying and controlling Camps are the main objective of the OPFOR AI and is required to be controlled by players to “capture” an AO. Once a Camp is taken/captured by players, the nearby OPFOR AI will immediately attempt to retake it.




Side Missions and Bonus Vehicles

While completing Main Target Objectives will earn MRAPs, completing Side missions will earn the players Tanks, Helicopters, and Planes. Only one side mission will be available at a time and will only be available for a limited time. If the side mission is not accomplished within it’s set time, the mission will end, and another will spawn a short time later.


Q: Why is the server Unofficial? 
A: In it's current state, the 15th Domination server is not being hosted on, or promoted by the 15th MEU. However, it is slated to be added to or even possibly replace the current Liberation mission that is hosted by the 15th MEU.


Q: Who is working on this project?
A: The 15th MEU S4 Mission Team.

Q: How do I ...?
A: All questions, comments and concerns regarding the development of the 15th MEU's Domination server should be directed here: 

Q: Why did you ...?
A: The customization of the Domination mission is still actively under way. Please look here for answers to any questions you may have: 


Q: When will this be available on the normal 15th MEU Public Server?
A: We are planning on having it's initial release ready by the second weekend of March, 2023.


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