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FEEDBACK & CHANGELOG: Playtest of 15th_Domination_RHS

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Please reply to this post with your feedback based on your experiences while playing the 15th MEU Domination test server.


Changelog: last updated 24FEB2023

  • Ranked mode has been enabled. Weapons and equipment available to players will be based on their rank. 
  • Changed air taxi from RHS_UH60M2 to RHS_UH1Y_UNARMED_d 
  • Added all scopes to Private rank 
  • Added "rhs_weap_m27iar", "rhs_weap_m27iar_grip", "rhs_weap_m27iar_grip2" and "rhs_weap_m27iar_grip3" to Private rank
  • Disabled gear from RHS SAF, GREF, and AFRF, from being found in the Virtual Arsenal


Reverted some changes. Removed Rank mode and restricted the Virtual Arsenal as noted above.


The change from non ranked, to Ranked Mode is being done to gage player interest and is not necessarily going to be a permeant change. A limit to available items via the arsenal WILL be in the final version of Domination (as well as to a future version of Liberation). This initial test of Ranked Mode is the initial test of the more limited arsenal. Removing non-NATO and non-modern clothing/uniform options is a WIP.




Please use the Arma 3 Launcher to download and enable the required mods when joining the public server.


If you would like to manually manage mods or use the mod preset option in the launcher, please see our Steam Workshop collection:

15th MEU (SOC) Public Server collection


Anything on this list is approved as optional client-side mods in addition to the above required mods.


You will not be able to connect to the server with any other mods loaded.



Edited by 2ndLt Zahj
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Past Change logs:

15th_Domination_RHS_v005 :

  • Replaced rhs_faction_msv with rhssaf_faction_army_opfor. This means some squad/section sized elements are replaced with Fire Team Sized elements.
  • Removed Minefields at Main Targets
  • Enemy IDF and CAS will be announced.
  • Decreased air drop radius from 100m to 50
  • Turned off "Sandstorm" specifically for the Altis map. This should eliminate the dust cloud that kick up around players.
  • Increased the time to choose the next main target from 30 seconds to 60 seconds
  • Satchel charges are no longer specifically needed to blow up the MT Radio Tower
  • Team Kills now deduct 20 points instead of 10
  • AutoViewdistanceChangeDefault has been disabled (monitor player/client performance after this change)


15th_Domination_RHS_v004 :

  • Changed what roles could do what specific actions.
  1.    >Platoon Commanders and FOs can both Mark and Call for AI Artillery
  2.    >Platoon Commanders can call in AI CAS
  3.    >Platoon Sergeants can Mark Artillery and call for Air Drops
  4.    >Squad Leaders can call for Air Drops (including Engineer Squad Lead)
  • Removed most of the non-USMC and 15th MEU Bonus vehicles. Left the RHS >AH-6 and RHS A-10.
  • Added USMC Tanks and 15th MEU ACV to Bonus Vehicle Spawn list
  • Decreased the amount of enemy armor at objectives
  • Decreased enemy skill


15th_Domination_RHS_v003 :

  • Changed all playable characters ACE Option Is Medic setting to "Regular Medic".
  • Changed MHQ vehicles to Command variant of the LAV.
  • Slightly modified the arrangement of vehicles parked at the MCAS.
  • Disabled the option to to spawn/teleport to squad leader.
  • Increased distance from Main Target that the MHQ is disabled, from 500m to 900m. (d_MHQDisableNearMT)
  • Increase HALO Wait Time from 0 to 10 minutes.
  • Increase Drop Radius of cargo/Arsenal drop via C130 from exact to 100m.


15th_Domination_RHS_v002 : 

  • Removed Spectator Slots in v001
  • Restructured infantry and engineer elements to Warden and Broadsword, respectfully, and moved spawn in location to SW side of Terminal.
  • Renamed Forward Observer to Crossroad 8
  • Turned off Ambient Battlefield sounds
  • Added second virtual arsenal at spawn in and relocated slightly.
  • Turned on Forced Fast Intro
  • Commented out Russian OPFOR spawns that had armor from ...\init\d_allmen_O_RHS.sqf


15th_Domination_RHS_v001 : 

  • Mission SQF:  Replaced Blackhawk and CH-47 with armed UH-1Y(MG) and CH-53(GAU121). Replaced default MHQ 1 and 2 vehicles with M1220 WD and M1220 D. Renamed BLUFOR Fireteams as Warden 1_# and changed all default loadouts to rifleless, woodland MARPAT loadouts.
  • Changed d_arsenal_mod / Use only mod weapons in Virtual Arsenal from YES to NO
  • d_WithAmbientRadio / With ambient radio changed from YES to NO
Edited by 2ndLt Zahj
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I think the arsenal switched over to the BI Arsenal instead of ACE arsenal at the two crates on base. Also the M27 isn't available at said crates only the M16A4. The scopes also doesn't appear on the arsenal. 

Edited by Cpl C. Bowen
Just realized what WIP meants my bad
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56 minutes ago, Cpl C. Bowen said:

I think the arsenal switched over to the BI Arsenal instead of ACE arsenal at the two crates on base. Also the M27 isn't available at said crates only the M16A4. The scopes also doesn't appear on the arsenal.

Yikes. That was unintended. I will push to investigate the cause of that during his upcoming week and see what can be done to revert it. Changing things over to Ranked mode affects a LOT of stuff and this is one of those that I wasn't aware of. Thank you for the report!

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  • 1stLt Zahj changed the title to FEEDBACK & CHANGELOG: Playtest of 15th_Domination_RHS

In addition to the previous, I would just like to add something in terms of play. If I join and Im the only one on there I should have access to AT and weapons that can give me a fighting chance at the least. Right now I can not get ANY kind of AT to go up against the enemies overwhelming use of armor and heavy weapons. No matter what changes are made it should always be playable by a single person, IMO. There is currently no AT options for a E4, no backpack larger then a Eagle, and no access to munitions apparently. Also, where did the 152 clackers go? Everything needs to be on timer currently. Its just too much restriction.

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Platoon Corpsman, Squad Corpsman  only allowed to load the M16A4, with no optics, or AT?

Only selected Vests, and ammo?

Please edit that to allow.

Arensal saved loadouts, are not loading.

I have reslotted, still not letting me load any other weapons.



Edited by Sgt J. Jefferies
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When the last changes were reverted, we forgot to also change the corresponding setting on the backend database. This cause some changes to not revert properly. This has been fixed.

Edited by 2ndLt Zahj
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Have armor to be spawned in, with a respawn timer. 

ACV Maybe? Not earned by the Objs, just armor so if someone wants to spawn armor they can use it for example Gator for a training.

Edited by Sgt J. Jefferies
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