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Public Action Signup - 10NOV2020 1830CT

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Tuesday, 10 November 2020 - 1830 CT


Public actions are open to all players both public and members, and are expected to last 1-2 hours. 

Load-in will start 20 minutes before listed time; step-off should occur by 20 minutes after listed time.

These events will usually be scheduled weekly. The next public action after this is tentatively scheduled for 18 November 2020. 



  • Everyone is encouraged to say they are attending even if not signing up for a named role, so we can estimate numbers.
  • As more people sign up (especially general "attending" signups), more sign-up spots will be opened.
  • Sign-up leadership positions below must be 15th MEU members whenever possible.
  • Qualified 15th MEU members will be given precedence for specialist roles.
  • Do not sign up for things that are not open at the time that you post. We will assume you are not attending if you do.



1st Platoon Leader: OPEN



1-1 Squad Leader: Sgt A. Smith

1-1 Squad Corpsman: OPEN

1-1-A Team Leader: OPEN

1-1-B Team Leader: OPEN

1-1-C Team Leader: Cpl Z. Hill


4-1-1-A Machine Gun Team Leader: CLOSED


Lead Armor Crew: CLOSED

Armor Crew: CLOSED


Lead Pilot: CLOSED






Q: What is a Public Action?

A public action is a small public event hosted by the unit open to all comers including public visitors. Public Actions are conducted on the same mission the Public Server is already running, and missions are planned on-the-fly by the signed up event leader as the event begins. By organizing, kitting out, and operating in the way the 15th MEU actually does in operations, these events provide the public with an opportunity to see our skills and participate in organized combat activity. 


Q: What do you mean "organizing", can't I just grab a rifle and go?

Public actions showcase the coordination, tactics, and skills of the unit. We ask that everyone participating fills a required role as directed by the event leader, and operates with their group the same way our e-Marines do.


Q: But I always play as US Army and carry a sniper rifle and Javelin, can't I do that?

Public actions also show the cooperation and power of a properly equipped Marine unit. We ask that everyone participating uses the weapons and gear that would be used by the role they are filling. After the event is done, you can load out to your heart's content.


Q: What's the plan, do we know ahead of time?

No pre-plan is done for Public Actions, as they continue with the tasks of the current Public Server mission. As everyone loads in, the event leader comes up with a plan, briefs the group, and puts it in motion. Load-in is conducted 15 minutes prior to the start time, and step-off should occur 15-20 minutes after start time.


Q: Won't this bog down the server?

Public actions begin with the mission being refreshed on the server, and end with either a refresh or (when able) a hard server restart. After it's done, everything is fresh and clear.


For more explanation, see THIS THREAD.


@NOTIFY - S4 HQ if you would, please fill this into the server MOTD between now and 10 November- thank you.

Edited by 1stLt H. Taylor
yay peeps
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I actually won't be able to make it for the start time tonight.  Still have work to do.  Don't count on me to lead a team.  I'll try to get there after you start.

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