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SSgt Sanderson

Ground Combat Element
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  1. Ensure that when you re-install ACRE you also remove the ACRE files from your teamspeak folder. It may very well be embedded in the teamspeak element, and be conflicting with one of the 15th mods we run. Also, during testing, ensure that you are not running any clientside mods, and simply running the basic required mods for the operations servers. Here is a list of those mods: 15th AMMO 15th Mod ACRE RHS USAF RHS AFRF RHS GREF RHS SAF CBA A3 ACE 3 Pack ACE 3 Compats for RHS ACEX FIR AWS FIR AV8B Zeus Enhanced 3CB Factions CUP Terrains - Core (only when necessary) CUP Terrains - Maps (only when necessary) GRAD Trenches Enhanced Movement Enhanced Movement Rework Virolahti If this doesn't work, someone from the Mod Team or someone with deeper understanding of our mods might need to step in.
  2. Operation Nordic Shield 04-20 | Task Force Alpha
  3. This thread will be used to showcase combat screenshots, videos, or any other 15th Related Content I take.
  4. Can tentatively attend. If needed I can JTAC, looking to ground pound though.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I'll disseminate this.
  6. Under configure>addon options>ACE Quick Mount, set the preferred seat to passenger. Then, under configure>controls>configure addons>ACE Movement>Vehicle Quick Mount set yourself a keybind. This will allow you to walk up to a vehicle, hit the keybind, and immediately jump in without needing to scroll wheel or use the native ace interaction menu. This is extremely helpful when there are a gaggle of infantry trying to load into a helicopter on a hot LZ.
  7. Name of Item(s): Granit-B Suit | Granit-B Suit (Weathered) | Granit-T Suit Item(s) Classname(s): U_O_R_Gorka_01_F | U_O_R_Gorka_01_brown_F | U_O_R_Gorka_01_camo_F Reason for request: They are used by the friendly forces in the Contact DLC. They are easily identifiable as friendly, and would require a significant lack of development in the prefrontal cortex in order to ID them as enemy. I also personally like their look.
  8. Shoot me a message next time im on TS and we can figure it out.
  9. Issues resolved, deleted ffaa_lcm_data, ffaa_ar_supercat, and ffaa_data .pbo's from the \Arma3\!Workshop\15thMEU(SOC) Mod Pack folder. Special thanks to: @Capt Graff @Capt D. Johansen @HM3 T. Heckman @HM3 N. Harrison For all of your help.
  10. Dropbox version didn’t work. Don’t know what’s happening.
  11. Thanks, I seem to have solved it for the most part. In the 15th MEU (SOC) Mod Pack there were corrupted pbos, consisting of data, supercat, and lcm_data under slightly different names. Deleting them solved the issue and arose another. Now when I join the mod check server I am prompted with an issue with the MEU Factions PBO. Currenttly attempting to use a dropboxed version of the mod pack and joining off of that. Will update further.
  12. This is Johansen. I am currently on Sanderson's system. Supercat was solved but ffaa_data still appears. Can't seem to find a mod that has that pbo. @Capt GraffHow would I go about finding it with different name?
  13. I just deleted and re-installed the 15th Mod Pack. Same issue. Seems to be something else, thanks for the try though.
  14. I've been struggling with the same mod issue for about a week now. Heres the low-down: Whenever I join an official 15th MEU (SOC) server I get booted off because of a "Missing Server Addons:" warning for these following mods: ffaa_data, ffaa_ar_supercat, ffaa_lcm. Here is a Screenshot of the Mods I am running as of 8/18/19. And here is the latest image of the error I am receiving. Please disregard the topmost error, that is a flight-ops specific issue. Heres what I know/assume: I am able to make it to the role selection screen and green up, this indicates that it is not merely a bi-key/bisign issue. I am able to connect to unofficial 15th servers such as, but not limited to: SOI Backup 1 & 2, Flight ops 1 & 2, Archer 1 Primary, Archer 2 Primary, Archer 3 Primary, Public Server. I see no obvious mod missing/added, everything seems to load fine and works smoothly. After role selection, I am faced with a red box titled ACE Addon Error, Missing Addons. I assume the issue is a result of the Lythium mod somehow, many different people have advised me as such. Here's what I have attempted: 1. Re-joining the server 2. Re-launching Arma 3. Closing steam and Arma and re-launching 4. Unloading all Mods and joining via the launcher's browser 5. Restarting my Computer 6.. Removing the Lythium Mod 7.. Deleting all files in the Arma3/!Workshop/ folder and in the /AppData/ folders (roaming, local, and localLow) containing the keyphrase "ffaa" and trying steps 1-4 again. 8.. Verifying the integrity of Arma 3's files via Steam. 9.. Deleting all of my 15th steam collection workshop mods and re-installing them. Note: There is currently no file with ffaa in its name on my desktop. I searched "This PC" for the keyphrase "ffaa" and it came up blank - Save for a windows backup, and anti-virus file. Here's what I have not tried: 1. Deleting all mods in both local and workshop sections, and re-installing only the 15th Mod Pack. 2. Step 1 + Arma 3 Uninstall & Reinstall I thoroughly appreciate any and all help I can get on this issue. My steam account is: https://steamcommunity.com/id/55236272234 Please message me here or there if you have any time to help/have any ideas. TL;DR: Persistent Mod issues, tried almost everything, No file/mod exists in my computer which the server has the issue with.
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