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Gamer Name: Cpl De Lang



Date of Ban: 04/13/20



ArmA, Teamspeak, or Both?: Public server



ArmA ID: 76561198112824448



Reason for Ban: Teamkill




I, as a NCO in the unit am supposed to know better than mess around on the public server. What I did could possibly give a wrong name to the unit and something like this was wrong, I've learned my lesson from this.


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Mr. De Lang,


Please take the last several weeks into account when you choose to violate our server rules. Team-killing and Friendly Fire is our #1 rule and it is followed to a T. Any further rules that you break will lead to a permanent, irreversible, ban from our servers. More is expected of 15th members, especially someone in your standing in S-1 and S-3, do not let something like this happen again.


Your ban will be lifted sometime soon when the server can be reset.  I highly suggest you familiarize yourself with our server rules before you connect next time. Second chances are rare, third chances don't exist.

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