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Type of Issue: Server Status

Date Observed: 02/24/2020

Severity: Major


Mission Name:


Issue Details: Can't get onto the server, all mods are correct and I could load on the night before. I'm getting an infinite loading screen with no messages.


Suggestions: Not sure what the solution is, just looking for help or answers

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I guess a few things to check would be:

- Mods
- Ping

- Integrity of files

I know you've stated you have all the correct mods, however people have gotten into the server with incorrect mods before and experienced such situations as you've described and realised they don't have the perfect list.
Secondly, if you try using your CMD and pinging the respective server, you might be able to ascertain if you are having a bad day for internet usage. Sometimes if your ping is too high, it can take over 5 mins to get into a server.
Thirdly, your files for whatever reason, including the Arma 3 game itself as well as the mods may have got a little bit jumbled with the recent updates of some mods, and such corrupted them, so try through steam to validate arma 3 as well as manually for each of the mods.

If you are still experiencing issues, I guess other members can offer further advice.

LCpl Atom

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At the time of this post the server was experiencing a few problems and ended up crashing about shortly after due to a memory problem. The server was restarted and you should be able to join. For rule of thumb if you sit on a black screen for more then 20-30 seconds there is typically a problem with the server or it is under heavy load and just isn't receiving the connections. The server will usually eventually catch up but sometimes it doesn't, a full restart will always fix this while a mission restart may fix it.

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Thanks for the advice guys, after the server restarted it cleared up and I could log on. Went through all the mods and files anyway and validated arma's files for good measure. Seems like it was a server issue, so all good!

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Type of Issue: PBO Verification

Date Observed: 3/9/2020

Severity: Major


Mission Name:


Issue Details: Every time i try to load into the public server i get the error message "Session lost - Verifying PBO failed: @ACE_Compat_RHS_United_States_Armed_Forces\addons\ace_compat_rhs_usf3.pbo" I've already tried reinstalling the ACE RHS USAF compat to ensure I'm using the current version, but it still isn't working. Also i was able to join/play on the server just fine yesterday and haven't changed anything with my mods since then.


Suggestions: I think the issue may be server side (however i'm not sure since other people are seemingly able to play without issue) since it was working fine yesterday and nothing has changed on my end since then. Other than that i got nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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