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Missing patch on profile


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the xml doesn't have a patch. if you see units members with 15th patches they are either using a different xml or arma units. they would be considered out of uniform. you know you have the right xml if in the player list next to your name is 15th MEU(SOC) and there is no patch.

Edited by HM3 (FMF) T. T. Nguyen
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Fixed it

Please use this form next time
Regardless of who removed it refrain from touching the signature itself or any patch/rack on display in the future

Regarding the XML. The unit custom XML does not come with a custom patch of any kind. The arm patch we saw in the past were thanks to the Arma unit XML
If any members are seening wearing that patch on their arm in game, it means their XML are incorrect and should be fixed to reflect the 15ths Custom XML found here

Edited by Capt D. Johansen
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