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HM3 (FMF) T. T. Nguyen

Company Medical Team
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About HM3 (FMF) T. T. Nguyen

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    HM-8404 Hospital Corpsman
  • Birthday 02/20/2001

15th MEU Personnel Profile

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    0311 Rifleman, 5811 Military Policeman, HM-8404 Hospital Corpsman
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    CPLC 101, CPLC 102, CPLC 103
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    SGTC 201, SGTC 202
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  1. the xml doesn't have a patch. if you see units members with 15th patches they are either using a different xml or arma units. they would be considered out of uniform. you know you have the right xml if in the player list next to your name is 15th MEU(SOC) and there is no patch.
  2. Dear Rachel, It has been rough, one of the toughest days by far. Last deployment casualties and combat was light compared to now. On the first day alone we had a 100% casualty rate. Of which about 60% were KIA, many were dead before I could get to them. Now i'm sitting in a compound in a mud hut that we chose as our casualty care center. The fighting has died down for now, but many people only have 4 magazines if that between them, myself with 3 for my rifle and 2 for my pistol. We're surrounded on 3 sides by the enemy with a large force of tanks to our north and infantry west and south, to the east friendly indigenous forces. I don't hold out much hope for them they seem to be under trained and under armed. Sometimes I wonder why I'm here, then I realized it's to protect you and save as many marines as I can. Don't worry about me you'll see me again. Sincerely, Tyler
  3. PFC T. T. Nguyen Law Enforcement Detachment, 15th MEU(SOC) FPO San Diego, CA 92102 Dear Bree, I Re-watched the performance at San Antonio and I remember the long bus ride. Leaving a football game after halftime to go home shower and get back to the school to head out again at Midnight. The pain in my ass from those charter bus chairs waking me up at intervals of about 30 minutes or so. I don't remember if i told you or not, but the night before we left I had stayed up trying to get a project done and only slept 2 hours. Stopping at Buc-ees 5:45 in the morning to get changed and get ready best we could, at that point i had only slept maybe 6 hours in the course of 2 days. Followed by the best performance we had and a lot of crying on the part of the seniors being so overwhelmed with how we have evolved during the time they were there and the realization that everything they worked for landed them at The Alamo dome. Do you remember what you said to me after we had the ensemble picture and everything? How everything we have worked on was really working towards this moment. That is how I feel now floating along in the Corium heading towards our destination. Everything we have done, the training, the planning, the practice is all leading up to when our boots hit the sand and we get a real chance to help people put there lives back together. Help them get a feeling of normalcy that the conflict happening on there land was a bad dream and this is the reality. Help the local forces rebuild themselves to fight for themselves and protect there families, property, and country. I'm nervous I haven't slept much since we left port and all these scenarios keep running through my mind. What if a VBIED hit a checkpoint I was manning? What if we get overwhelmed by the enemy? What if at the end it all, after everything we did it was in vain and they re surged with more power? Is what we're doing the right thing? This is the conflict inside of me now, this is what is tearing me apart from the inside. Now more then do I wish you were here with me. You would probably say something comforting to try and help, or say that I worry to much. Which you would be right to say. I can't wait to hear what you say about all this. Don't bother sending food packages by the way. Those don't get to me, however I am told H&S company is really enjoying them. Love, Tyler
  4. PFC T. T. Nguyen Law Enforcement Detachment, 15th MEU(SOC) FPO San Diego, CA 92102 Dear Bree, How's Senior year? Are the freshmen actually competent for once? Do you miss me? Why did i ask that of course you do! Anyway our plans for you to come and visit me this June at Camp Pendleton is gonna have to be cancelled. I just got orders we are deploying soon. I can't say where because of OPSEC, but I imagine you'll be able to guess where I'm going, by watching the news and that beautiful smart mind of yours. I like to think I'm ready for this, but no one really knows. The guys I'm with are some of the best there is in my MOS and are smart and capable, if they can hear that is. I feel safe I know they'll try to get me back if anything happens, although nothing should happen to us considering our mission as MPs but you never know. Listen if anything does happen to me I have you as one of the first people to be notified, and I want you to help my sisters and brother through it. They always thought I was there invincible big brother, and they would absolutely be devastated if something were to happen. I know i'm getting morbid and sad and whatever, but you ought to know and understand the reality of the situation. When I get back however I expect to see you there waiting for me with a big banner and a big beautiful smile plastered across your face. Then you can stay and we can go to the beach and do whatever you want, or just lay in bed all day. I'm sorry but i have to cut this short I am woefully underpacked for this. Say hi to my sisters for me and tell them that they need to practice there drop spins and chromatic scales. Love, Tyler
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