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I've been struggling with the same mod issue for about a week now. Heres the low-down:

Whenever I join an official 15th MEU (SOC) server I get booted off because of a "Missing Server Addons:" warning for these following mods: ffaa_data, ffaa_ar_supercat, ffaa_lcm. 
Here is a Screenshot of the Mods I am running as of 8/18/19. 
And here is the latest image of the error I am receiving. Please disregard the topmost error, that is a flight-ops specific issue. 

Heres what I know/assume:

I am able to make it to the role selection screen and green up, this indicates that it is not merely a bi-key/bisign issue. 

I am able to connect to unofficial 15th servers such as, but not limited to: SOI Backup 1 & 2, Flight ops 1 & 2, Archer 1 Primary, Archer 2 Primary, Archer 3 Primary, Public Server. I see no obvious mod missing/added, everything seems to load fine and works smoothly.
After role selection, I am faced with a red box titled ACE Addon Error, Missing Addons.
I assume the issue is a result of the Lythium mod somehow, many different people have advised me as such.


Here's what I have attempted:
1. Re-joining the server

2. Re-launching Arma

3. Closing steam and Arma and re-launching

4. Unloading all Mods and joining via the launcher's browser

5.  Restarting my Computer

6.. Removing the Lythium Mod

7.. Deleting all files in the Arma3/!Workshop/ folder and in the /AppData/ folders (roaming, local, and localLow) containing the keyphrase "ffaa" and trying steps 1-4 again.

8.. Verifying the integrity of Arma 3's files via Steam.

9.. Deleting all of my 15th steam collection workshop mods and re-installing them. 

Note: There is currently no file with ffaa in its name on my desktop. I searched "This PC" for the keyphrase "ffaa" and it came up blank - Save for a windows backup, and anti-virus file.


Here's what I have not tried:

1. Deleting all mods in both local and workshop sections, and re-installing only the 15th Mod Pack.

2. Step 1 + Arma 3 Uninstall & Reinstall

I thoroughly appreciate any and all help I can get on this issue. My steam account is: https://steamcommunity.com/id/55236272234 Please message me here or there if you have any time to help/have any ideas.

TL;DR: Persistent Mod issues, tried almost everything, No file/mod exists in my computer which the server has the issue with.


Edited by Cpl Sanderson
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Maybe an outdated or corrupt copy of "15th MEU (SOC) Mod Pack" (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1644588962 ) as the latest update removed the LCM (considering ffaa_lcm is one of the indicated errors).


Might be worth trying a repair on individual mods from the Mods tab of the launcher (right click -> repair)

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This is Johansen. I am currently on Sanderson's system. 
Supercat was solved but ffaa_data still appears. 

Can't seem to find a mod that has that pbo. @Capt GraffHow would I go about finding it with different name? 

Edited by Cpl Sanderson
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Thanks, I seem to have solved it for the most part. In the 15th MEU (SOC) Mod Pack there were corrupted pbos, consisting of data, supercat, and lcm_data under slightly different names. Deleting them solved the issue and arose another. Now when I join the mod check server I am prompted with an issue with the MEU Factions PBO. Currenttly attempting to use a dropboxed version of the mod pack and joining off of that. Will update further.

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Issues resolved, deleted ffaa_lcm_data, ffaa_ar_supercat, and ffaa_data .pbo's from the \Arma3\!Workshop\15thMEU(SOC) Mod Pack folder. 

Special thanks to:

@Capt Graff
@Capt D. Johansen
@HM3 T. Heckman

@HM3 N. Harrison

For all of your help.

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