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Capt D. Johansen

7509 Pilot, AV-8B Qualified



Aviation Combat Element

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  1. Capt D. Johansen

    Media Thread | Ardent Warrior 02-19

    Black Sheep Section 2 take off LZ Berry air security @1stLt SoloYou are doing it wrong
  2. Capt D. Johansen

    Media Thread | NSO 07-19 Mantis Resolve

    Deja vu @Capt Degeratu Just needed the ending kill.. Damn you @Cpl P. GreeneIt would have been spot on
  3. Capt D. Johansen

    Media Thread | NSO 07-19 Mantis Resolve

  4. Capt D. Johansen

    Media Thread | ITX 06-19

    @Capt Degeratugetting ready to dust of his engine Archer 4 Ripping everything to the west apart ? No idea which Archer this is but I love the spacing ❤️ And of course, Gators handy dandy work ?
  5. Pvt Robertson This isn't the right place for your ITB sign up Please follow these links instead https://15thmeu.net/index.php?/forums/forum/26-phase-two-school-of-infantry/
  6. Capt D. Johansen

    Media Thread | ITX 04-19

  7. Capt D. Johansen

    Media Thread | ITX 03-19

    No gun blazing with the M134 but some noice views and a preview of the sociaty inside GF 1-1
  8. Capt D. Johansen

    Media Thread | ITX 03-19

    @Capt Schirf @Capt Gage
  9. Capt D. Johansen

    Windows stuck on booting screen after adding ram

    Same happened to me when I got a new stick. I was told that ram was defect. I tested that stick in a friends rig and the same happened. So it might be roasted
  10. Can you also add the date for the 3rd day Mr Shepard?
  11. Recruit @UPS There's no day 3 on 2FEB19 - There is 1FEB19 & 3FEB19. Can you clearify the date you would like to have? Thank you
  12. Recruit Wilt. There's not day 1 or 2 on the mentioned date & same for your requested day 3 Can you confirm this as the correct day: Day1/2 19JAN 1000, 1900 Day 3 20JAN 1630 Thank you!
  13. Capt D. Johansen

    Pub Server Get-Together?

    I'm sure we can set something up

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