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so, I am a member of the 15th MEU and I was just kicked off of our public server by Capt W. Roark, Van Dyke, and Pvt. T. Oliver they are all apart of a Unit Called 1RB. this is what happen they were attack outpost called Lakka Factory then I joined in on the assault once we completed the objective Capt W. Roark  went into a Bradley  and drove away.  I started to move to the next objective which was Lakka that was about 700 meters away. when I was jogging to the next objective  I heard the Bradley firing from a distance then a multiple explosions. I realized that he/she was destroying friendly assets which there was about 5 or 6 vehicles at the objective when I got in. so I didn't pay no mind to it cause I finally reach within 300 meters of the town and started engaging enemy armor. after destroying a btr I moved into town to take cover. once I took cover capt w. Roark said we are not attacking that objective and said somebody name that I did not recognize in the unit that "we" were to head north. Lakka was behind friendly lines under enemy control by the way.  when he/she told me this I was under fire and pinned down and couldn't move. eventually I took out the gunner of the GAZ and started moving clearing the surrounding area so I could fall back successfully. when I was doing so the 1RB team kicked me off the server. so I would like to know how should I procced with the situation.

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This is not the place for this, @Pvt A. Smith take it up with your CoC somewhere not visible to the public.


@Sgt Zahj You should know better, try to keep these things internal next time.


Requesting thread be locked so HQ can deal with the OP issue without any other chime-in.

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