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  • 15th Platoon Sergeant Selection Process


    The SNCO Board has designed a selection process for those individuals looking to become a Platoon Staff Non Comissioned Officer (SNCO). The process includes the Application Phase, Evaluation Phase, Interview Phase, Selection and Approval Phase. While the Officer Academy draws applicants based on a shortlist, the SNCO Board will be filling any vacancies on a case by case basis. Each vacancy will be filled by the very best applicants to ensure that Platoon has a solid SNCO stepping up to the mark.


    SNCO positions that will be filled by the Selection Process:


    • Rifle Platoons, Platoon Sergeant
    • Weapons Platoons, Platoon Sergeant
    • Tank Platoon, Platoon Sergeant
    • AAV Platoon, Platoon Sergeant
    • LED Platoon, Platoon Sergeant


    Application Process

    When the selection process begins, all applications are collected by the SNCO Board. There is no time frame restrictions to the applications, though if you wish to update it you are free to do so.


    Applicants must meet the following prerequisites:

    • Minimum rank of Corporal (+)
    • No major disciplinary actions within the last 6 months (Formal Disciplinary Actions, probation, major NJPs)
    • Completed all NCO courses
    • Be willing (if selected) to attend the SNCO Academy


    Evaluation Phase

    This will be the time where the SNCO Board review all applications and decide who will advance to the Evaluation Phase. Applicants will not be contacted during the Evaluation Phase. The SNCO Board will also be utilizing this time to check for any disciplinary actions, if an applicant has applied with one on his/her record, then MEU HQ will be notified and will decide if you remain in the selection process. Please note that a position must be available at this time before applicants enter this phase.


    Interview Phase

    Successful candidates after the Awaiting Phase will be contacted to arrange their advancement to the Interview Phase. This will allow the SNCO Board to meet the candidates and interview them on a individual basis, and for us to ask them a range of questions to determine their suitability for a SNCO billet.


    Selection and Approval Phase

    On completion of the Interview Phase, a successful candidate will enter the Selection and Approval Phase. The candidate during this time will not be required to do anything. The SNCO Board will select final application to be submitted to MEU HQ for approval. Please note, only a single candidate will advance to this phase at any given time.

    When candidate complete all stages of the selection process, they will offered a position as Platoon Sergeant. To ensure they are fully trained, they will have 60 days to attend and graduate from the SNCO Academy to learn a variety of skills pertaining to their new position. Any individual who accepts a Platoon Sergeant billet and does not graduate within 60 days will be removed from the position.


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