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  1. Name of Item(s): UK3CB Combat Uniforms- Afghan Defense Ministry Afghan Border Patrol Afghan National Army Afghan National Police Takistan Police Takistan Army some cool guy baseball hats w/ headphones (may already be in) Knapsack for high carry capacity alternative and aesthetics. Item(s) Classname(s): As a note, all things labeled "_Shortsleeve" are not "short-sleeved" in the sense of a T-Shirt, but rather sleeves rolled up to the forearm for maximum oper8r strength. rhsusf_Bowman rhsusf_bowman_cap H_Cap_headphones UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_CC_DDPM UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_CC_MAR_DES UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_CC_TCC UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_CC_WDL UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_CC UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_DDPM_CC UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_DDPM_MAR_DES UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_DDPM_TCC UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_DDPM_WDL UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_DDPM UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_MAR_DES_CC UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_MAR_DES_DDPM UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_MAR_DES_TCC UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_MAR_DES_WDL UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_MAR_DES UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_MAR_WDL UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_MAR UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_TCC_CC UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_TCC_DDPM UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_TCC_MAR_DES UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_TCC_WDL UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_TCC UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_WDL_CC UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_WDL_DDPM UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_WDL_MAR_DES UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_WDL_TCC UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_WDL_ALT_MAR UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_WDL_ALT UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_01_WDL UK3CB_ABP_B_U_CombatUniform_01_UCC UK3CB_ABP_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_UCC UK3CB_ABP_B_U_CombatUniform_02_UCC UK3CB_ABP_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_02_UCC UK3CB_ABP_B_U_CombatUniform_03_UCC UK3CB_ABP_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_03_UCC UK3CB_ANA_B_U_CombatUniform_01_GCAM UK3CB_ANA_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_GCAM UK3CB_ANA_B_U_CombatUniform_02_GCAM UK3CB_ANA_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_02_GCAM UK3CB_ANA_B_U_CombatUniform_01_SPEC4CE UK3CB_ANA_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_SPEC4CE UK3CB_ANA_B_U_CombatUniform_02_SPEC4CE UK3CB_ANA_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_02_SPEC4CE UK3CB_ANA_B_U_CombatUniform_01_WDL UK3CB_ANA_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_WDL UK3CB_ANA_B_U_CombatUniform_02_WDL UK3CB_ANA_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_02_WDL UK3CB_TKP_B_U_CIB_CombatUniform_BLK UK3CB_TKP_B_U_CIB_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_BLK UK3CB_ANP_NIU_B_U_CombatUniform_01_MAR UK3CB_ANP_NIU_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_MAR UK3CB_ANP_NIU_B_U_CombatUniform_02_MAR UK3CB_ANP_NIU_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_02_MAR UK3CB_ANP_NIU_B_U_CombatUniform_03_MAR UK3CB_ANP_NIU_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_03_MAR UK3CB_TKA_B_U_CombatUniform_01_DES_MARPAT UK3CB_TKA_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_DES_MARPAT UK3CB_TKA_B_U_CombatUniform_02_DES_MARPAT UK3CB_TKA_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_02_DES_MARPAT UK3CB_TKA_B_U_CombatUniform_01_WDL UK3CB_TKA_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_WDL UK3CB_TKA_B_U_CombatUniform_02_WDL UK3CB_TKA_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_02_WDL UK3CB_TKP_B_U_QRF_CombatUniform_TAN UK3CB_TKP_B_U_QRF_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_TAN UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_CC_DDPM UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_CC_MAR_DES UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_CC_TCC UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_CC_WDL UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_CC UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_DDPM_CC UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_DDPM_MAR_DES UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_DDPM_TCC UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_DDPM_WDL UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_DDPM UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_MAR_DES_CC UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_MAR_DES_DDPM UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_MAR_DES_TCC UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_MAR_DES_WDL UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_MAR_DES UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_MAR_WDL UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_MAR UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_TCC_CC UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_TCC_DDPM UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_TCC_MAR_DES UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_TCC_WDL UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_TCC UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_WDL_CC UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_WDL_DDPM UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_WDL_MAR_DES UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_WDL_TCC UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_WDL_ALT_MAR UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_WDL_ALT UK3CB_ADM_B_U_CombatUniform_Shortsleeve_01_WDL UK3CB_UN_B_B_ASS Reason for request: No reason not to have these in the boxes. All BLUFOR elements from friendly national forces both IRL (ADM/ANA/ANP/ABP) and 15th Campaigns (TKA/TKP).
  2. Per your request, @GySgt Karelia, all weapons and special/unique attachments for them are listed below. I did not get the special magazines for the G3 and HK33 series of rifles since they take standard RHS & ACE 7.62/5.56 NATO magazines, respectively. If you really wanna go the distance and put in the 50 round G3 mag I'm sure some nerd would love you for it, but I ain't that nerd and they can write their own damned request. UK3CB_G3SG1 UK3CB_G3SG1_RIS UK3CB_G3A3 UK3CB_G3A3_RIS UK3CB_G3A3V UK3CB_G3A3V_RIS UK3CB_G3KA4 UK3CB_G3KA4_GL uk3cb_optic_accupoint_g3 uk3cb_optic_pvs4_g3 uk3cb_optic_stanagzf_g3 uk3cb_optic_stanagzf2d_g3 uk3cb_optic_zfsg1 UK3CB_PSG1A1 UK3CB_PSG1A1_RIS UK3CB_HK33KA1 UK3CB_HK33KA2 UK3CB_HK33KA2_RIS UK3CB_HK33KA2_RIS_GL UK3CB_HK33KA3 UK3CB_MG3_Railed UK3CB_MG3_KWS_B UK3CB_MG3_KWS_G UK3CB_MG3_KWS_T uk3cb_muzzle_snds_g3 uk3cb_muzzle_snds_hk33 rhs_weap_m14 rhs_weap_m14_d rhs_weap_m14_fiberglass rhs_weap_m14_rail rhs_weap_m14_rail_d rhs_weap_m14_rail_fiberglass rhs_weap_m14_rail_wd rhs_weap_m14_ris rhs_weap_m14_ris_d rhs_weap_m14_ris_fiberglass rhs_weap_m14_ris_wd rhs_weap_m14_socom rhs_weap_m14_socom_rail rhs_weap_m14_wd rhsusf_acc_aac_m14dcqd_silencer rhsusf_acc_aac_m14dcqd_silencer_d rhsusf_acc_aac_m14dcqd_silencer_wd rhsusf_acc_m14_flashsuppressor
  3. Could use help in this from other interested parties, as I am currently working pretty heavy shifts. Elsewise I'll try and see to it later tonight/this morning.
  4. Name of Item(s): 3CB HK G3, G33, M14, SOCOM M14, MG3, & all Optics Item(s) Classname(s): too_god_damned_many Reason for request: No reason not to have these in the boxes. They're BLUFOR weapons added in the recent 3CB updates.
  5. Suggestions: Change Enemy Types/Styles/Armor Type of Suggestion: Mission Describe your Suggestion: As is the enemies we're fighting on every map but Takistan are ca. 1980s Russian-style opponents. This isn't really an issue inherently, however: 1) They have THE strongest body armor in the game, capable of resisting several 7.62 AP rounds to center-mass before dying (typically 3-4 on average) and 2-3x as many 5.56 AP rounds. This means basically anything short of a 7.62 rifle is useless. 2) The enemy vehicles have this nasty proclivity to Not Die. We put 3 well-placed HEAT rockets on a BMP-2's engine block and got wasted by it. T-90s are nigh-indestructible. My suggestion is: 1) Change their armor or the enemy type to something a little easier/simpler to kill. I'm not asking for every enemy to be like the Takistan one-shot-drop insurgents, but US forces dropping in 1 shot compared to ENY forces taking anywhere from 3-12 rounds is ridiculous. Especially for what is, at the end of the day, a casual-play server on a MILSIM game. 2) Cater the armor choice to more destructible vehicles, I guess? Really this is an inherent RHS issue due to the models but there are still several vehicles that are susceptible to AT fire, such as BTRs, BRDMs, up-armored GAZs, and other small-type armored cars. It might be easy to read this and go "hhheh just git gud oat" but this isn't a sentiment shared only by myself. When the server starts getting even a modicum of lag enemies become nigh-unstoppable aimbot kill gods that take half a mag to drop at point-blank and then can still 720-noscope you with an ironsighted AK on their first round from 400+ meters. Lowering their body armor would make for more enjoyable play while still retaining a fair degree of difficulty.
  6. Type of Issue: Bug Date Observed: 06/04/2020 Severity: Intermediate Major Mission Name: Chernarus Liberation 0.96.6 ALL MAPS. Issue Details: FOB Crate & other functions dysfunctional ALL FUNCTIONS no longer work. This includes end-of-mission scripts not firing, FOB crate scripts not firing, ALL introductory functions no longer working. Suggestions: Fix.
  7. Are you sure it wasn't excessive twinkie consumption?
  8. 1) Opening/Peeking Doors: CBA has a function in its controls called "Open Door." You can set this button as you want, walk up to a door, press it, and the door will open or close. If you hold this button and use your scrollwheel, you can slowly open it which allows for bouncing grenades off the door into the room. 2) Easy Vector-DAGR Use: The Vector 21 and Vector 21 Nite can be paired with a DAGR to use the DAGR's GPS in conjunction with the Vector's laser range/azimuth finder to give accurate 10-digit grids and altitudes for targets. However, many people have trouble hitting both the TAB and R keys at the right time to make this system work. In ACE Equipment controls, these are cited as two different keys: Vector Azimuth and Vector Range. If you set both of these to one key (TAB in my personal case) then you can JUST hold that one button down and it will do both functions. 3) Graphics Memory Flush: A hidden gem hailing from at LEAST Arma 2, the in-game function to flush your video memory. The steps are as follows: Hold LEFT SHIFT and hit the NUMPAD ( - ) key. Hit "F" "L" "U" "S" "H" on your keyboard (NOT typing them into chat). Your screen should flash to a loading screen while it flushes. 4) Faster IR Pointer/Flashlight use: The rifle-mounted IR Pointers (PEQ boxes) and Flashlights are amazing tools to use as an infantryman at night. However, leaving them on for extended periods can be distracting and detract from the ease-of-picture of the battlefield. As such the best common practice is to use the IR Pointer only when ready to engage a target to avoid the "Star Wars Lightshow" effect on a battlefield. However, reaching up to press K on the keyboard can be time consuming-- especially in a pinch. If you have a multi-button mouse, assigning the Lights On key to one of those extraneous mouse buttons can save time and create an easier way to flick that laser or flashlight on or off.
  9. Requesting the following items added to the Arsenal: Beanies: Black, Coyote Brown, Green, Khaki Class: H_Watchcap_blk, H_Watchcap_cbr, H_Watchcap_camo, H_Watchcap_khk Reason: They look cool. Guerrilla Apparel: Sweater/Tan Pants, Black Shirt/Tan Pants Class: U_BG_Guerrilla_6_1, U_BG_Guerrilla2_1 Reason: These are tasteful garments that don't have the typical "guerrilla" aesthetic that would understandably be rejected. These instead offer players a different garment look than standard camo patterns.
  10. Insurgency appears to have been removed as a game mode on the server.
  11. Requesting 1-3 SL if it's still open. If not, gimme an FTL position. If not that, gimme a position in a rifle squad.
  12. Name (including initials): J. Oat Rank: Staff Sergeant Billet: 0311/0365 Section: Reserves Are you Game Admin Qualified: Yes Additional Duties (S-Shops or Instructors): None Link to SMF Profile (should have a u=[profilenumber] at the end): N/A (cannot access)
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