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Suggestions: Lower M109A6 Paladin Cost


Type of Suggestion: Other


Describe your Suggestion: Current cost for the Paladin is:
700 Supply
1250 Ammo
350 Fuel

All for a lightly armored heavy vehicle whose only utility is med-long range howitzer support, which requires a great deal of skill both on the part of the cannoneer (if you want accurate fire, anyway) as well as a forward observer capable of providing calls for fire over the radio in a format that works.

Compare this to an AH-1Z / AH-64D, which are:
500 / 500 Supply
500 / 750 Ammo
200 / 250 Fuel

These are coming in at almost half the overall cost, but with the added capability of being able to function with more lethality, faster, at extended ranges, autonomous from any forward observers or controllers.

My suggestion is to decrease the Paladin's cost to:
400 Supply
600 Ammo
250 Fuel

Nearly halfing the cost means it becomes a competitive platform to be used by skilled practitioners and actually be able to assist in the mission before the end of the game.

Another addition could be to make it not function with the vanilla Artillery Computer to prevent civilian city leveling/griefing.


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