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  1. Unban request

    Mr. Browm, After reviewing all information, screen shots, witness interviews and your testimony, I am unfortunately not going to be able to process this unban. I am sorry for the inconvenience and I wish you good luck in all your future gaming endeavors. Signed, LtCol M. Alexander MEU Executive Officer
  2. Unban request

    Mr. Browm, I apologize that this has fallen by the wayside but there is still concern that the explanation of events given is insufficient for anything to be processed. Please understand that bans in this unit are not given lightly and are even more rarely retracted to give a second chance. If you are still interested in an unban, you need to give a full account of what happened that day and why the ban occurred. Signed, LtCol M. Alexander MEU Executive Officer
  3. Unban Request

    Unban request granted, Clear to process Signed, LtCol M. Alexander MEU Executive Officer
  4. Unban Request

    Meet with me in TS
  5. Unban Request

    This unban request is now under review. ALL posting to this thread is restricted. (excluding yourself Mr. Seth). Mr. Seth, Thank you for the detailed show of events. I will be reviewing all information at my disposal and will likely ask to talk with you as well (if you are willing). Signed, LtCol M. Alexander
  6. Unban request

    Mr. Lynk, After speaking with all of those involved, I believe I now have a pretty good idea of the events that transpired (including a recording of the entire incident). It is quite clear that you made a very good SMAW shot directly onto 2 BluFor personnel. While the shot was admirable, it is also very much against our rules of professionalism on the server. I will not be granting you an unban at this time as I believe that your ideals and our units are not in line. I wish you good luck in your future gaming endeavors. Signed, LtCol M. Alexander MEU Executive Officer
  7. Unban request

    Mr. Lynk, Sorry to hear that your gaming experience was interrupted by a sudden ban. After reading your statement and watching the recorded video of the events that transpired posted by my admin in their report, I would like to offer you the chance to expand on the events that happened resulting in the ban. Specifically things involving SMAWs or other explosive devices. Signed, LtCol M. Alexander MEU Executive Officer
  8. Unban Request

    Unban approved, clear to process. Signed, LtCol M. Alexander
  9. Unban Request

    Mr. Tater, For me to process and make a decision on this unban request I will be sending you a PM with instructions I need you to follow. Signed, LtCol M. Alexander
  10. Unban request

    Mr. L. Jackson, I am willing to give you a second chance on this since I know being new to the community can come with a few confusing moments. We also have a good relationship with the 1RB. Keep in mind that while second chances are rare, third chances are imaginary so I implore you to use caution in how you represent yourself and your unit to others. Please go ahead and respond with a roger/affirm that you understand and we will get the ban removed. Ban cleared for release after response. Signed, LtCol M. Alexander MEU Executive Officer 15th MEU (RU)
  11. Unban Request

    Mr. Joshu, After reviewing all the logs, reading your side and the information provided by the banning admin, I will be denying your request for an unban. Unfortunately, the behavior recorded is not in line with what we expect of our community of players as we try to exude a professional atmosphere. As a side note, it also seems that you made a very good attempt (if not succeeded) at setting the record for most bannable offenses committed before being removed from our server. I am sorry that an unban will not be possible given this record and wish you good luck in your future gaming endeavors and at 29 palms. Signed, LtCol M. Alexander
  12. Unban Request

    By actions I mean any admin abilities you used such as restarting the mission, kicking, locking/unlocking, monitor etc.
  13. Unban Request

    I see.... I am assuming your friends name was LCPL ****in*** then? And lastly, did you at any point in time vote yourself as an admin on that server? if so, what actions did you perform?
  14. Unban Request

    Can you please confirm the name you were banned under? I am not seeing a Joshu in my logs.
  15. Unban Request

    Mr. Joshu, I will be looking over your ban appeal. In order to help me get a clear picture of what happened, can you please elaborate on the events that transpired leading up to the ban? I will be looking over our admin reports and logs as well as talking with the admin before I make a decision on this case. Signed, LtCol M. Alexander MEU Executive Officer