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  1. Oh yes, I was the one who helped Reep with that issue. The reason is the audio isn't stereo on the 'chat' setting on the Arctis headsets. Mono only. So you have to switch to "game" audio in TS instead of chat for the radios to work in different ears. Sucks because you lose the ability to mix the game/ts audio (one of the reasons I love the Arctis 7's).
  2. Thank you guys for your help. LCpl Campo
  3. Hello, My patch is not showing in my signature for some reason. Do I need to insert some code into signature on my account settings? LCpl Campo
  4. Campo

    XML Update

    Understood. Welcome back!
  5. Campo

    XML Update

    Was told on discord to open ticket here. Several people that were promoted last month have not had their xml profiles updated in the xml file. It’s been a month now and we don’t have our tags yet. How can we get this addressed?
  6. Application View Application Status Campo Submitted 08/01/2019 11:45 PM Last Name Campo Timezone America/New_York Country
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