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  1. I am just currios as to why my name is just Grist. I discharged in good order and due to medical reasons and from what I know I should of just been retired and still be able to see the forums?>
  2. Left control c switches your laser to the flashlight and this can interfere with your combat pace keybinding. What I have done is set it so double tapping c makes me walk/jog and one tap of c changes my jogging pace. Unbind H as the show the last hint I believe it is in common but it may be in Zeus. Extremely helpful to get the medical menu up each time. Some people unbind right-click to hold your breath so you can zoom in without shaking. I would also recommend unbinding caps lock as your push to talk in-game, if you are using acre you will not need it.
  3. Application View Application Status Grist Submitted 07/24/2019 01:15 AM Last Name Grist Timezone Europe/London Country
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