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SNA Kulesza

7599 Student Pilot




Aviation Combat Element

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  1. SNA Kulesza

    Kulesza's Tour.

  2. SNA Kulesza

    Kulesza's Tour.

    Started learning how to record/edit. This is my first video hope you guys enjoy it!
  3. SNA Kulesza

    Kulesza's Tour.

  4. SNA Kulesza

    Kulesza's Tour.

  5. SNA Kulesza

    [ACCEPTED] PERSCOM: New Application From Douvry

    @PuncherGA player id looks something like this I believe this is your player ID -> 76561198270927816 You need to double check your profile in-game to make sure it is.
  6. SNA Kulesza

    Kulesza's Tour.

  7. SNA Kulesza

    Operation Hammerhead -- 27JUL19

    Gunfighter 1-5 Pilot please.
  8. SNA Kulesza

    Kulesza's Tour.

    I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!!!!!! BlackSheep! @1stLt Arc
  9. SNA Kulesza

    Kulesza's Tour.

  10. SNA Kulesza

    Kulesza's Tour.

    Giving gunfighter its true meaning on the pub server with SheriffEli / @2ndLt Bates/ @SNA Q. Robertson
  11. SNA Kulesza

    Kulesza's Tour.

    No Blur v "Welcome Recruits..." Recruits
  12. SNA Kulesza

    Media Thread | The TvT One 23June2019

    DogFight. Russians were killing jets out there.
  13. SNA Kulesza

    Media Thread | PUBLIC EVENT | Operation Silver Tiger

    @ODell@Sgt Hodos Can you spot Spartan? Ps. Great photo ODell
  14. SNA Kulesza

    Kulesza's Tour.

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