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LtCol Coffield

7513 Pilot AH-1Z/UH-1Y Qualified




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  1. LtCol Coffield


  2. LtCol Coffield

    TS3 Server Information

    Due to recent attacks, when a new user joins the server a Silver Shield admin should meet with them and verify their identity. Once confirmed, any public server regulars will be provided with a user group that allows them to move freely. There may be a situation where no silver shield admin is not available and a new join will have to wait. Right now that situation is better than the risk of individuals with bad intentions joining the server and attacking our members. This restriction will be lifted in the future.
  3. LtCol Coffield

    TS3 Server Information

    Please note updated server IP and password.
  4. LtCol Coffield

    [ACCEPTED] Leonard Application

    Approved to UH-1Y Reserves by ACE HQ.
  5. LtCol Coffield

    [ACCEPTED] Leonard Application

    Mr. Leonard, The current ACE openings are in Warhorse with 3 open spots. You may rejoin directly to Warhorse or in UH-1Y or AH-1Z reserves. Please state your intentions. Thank you. Respectfully, Maj Coffield
  6. LtCol Coffield

    [ACCEPTED] Brigade Application

    Approved by ACE HQ to CH-53 detachment. Report in HERE once processed.
  7. LtCol Coffield

    [ACCEPTED] Degeratu Application

    Approved by ACE HQ to HMH-465 Warhorse. Report in HERE when processed.
  8. LtCol Coffield

    [ACCEPTED] Degeratu Application

    Mr. Degeratu, Which ACE Detachment are you requesting to rejoin in? Respectfully,
  9. LtCol Coffield

    [ACCEPTED] Hooks Application

    Mr. Hooks, I am not sure which air frame you are wanting within Gunfighter. I believe you were a former AH-1 pilot. Currently there are no AH-1 positions available, however we do have UH-1 positions. You are approved by ACE HQ to one of the UH-1 positions if that is what you meant. Maj Coffield
  10. LtCol Coffield

    [ACCEPTED] LaPlante Application

    Approved by ACE HQ to be processed into active duty 7563 - Pilot UH-1Y billet.
  11. LtCol Coffield

    [ACCEPTED] LaPlante Application

    On Hold per ACE HQ.
  12. LtCol Coffield

    [ACCEPTED] Bass Application

    Approved to Wolfpack 3-1 CP by ACE HQ.
  13. LtCol Coffield

    [ACCEPTED] Franklin Application

    Approved to Wolfpack open position by ACE HQ.
  14. LtCol Coffield

    Helis, joystick and cTab/radio issues

    You may have misunderstood what I was saying...I normally fly AFM.... however....I switched to SFM during the ACE wide to avoid any chance of dying from VRS when attempting to hover for log periods of time when looking at CTAB or the map. So when I experienced the same issues you are having....it was in SFM as well. I don't normally fly in SFM but I did that night to help relieve some of the pressure of flying while being Odin seeing how it was only my 2nd major OP being Odin. AFM is a whole new beast compared to SFM so it will take some time to master.
  15. LtCol Coffield

    Logitech g930 keeps disconnecting and reconnecting

    If you find the fix that helped you please post it here. I too am having the issue and would like to get it fixed.

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