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LtCol Coffield

7513 Pilot AH-1Z/UH-1Y Qualified




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  1. LtCol Coffield

    Muller's appeal

    Mr. faaddddd, Please take these last few weeks of waiting into account when you choose to violate our server rules. Team killing for any reason is not allowed and is not tolerated. Additionally, when an admin addresses you, treat them with respect and acknowledge their issue. Do not order them to do something highly inappropriate. Your ban will be lifted sometime soon when the server can be reset. I highly suggest you do not put yourself in a position to be kicked or banned again as next time the ban will stay in place.
  2. LtCol Coffield

    Unban Request

    Mr. Buyauskasz, Please take these last few weeks of waiting into account when you choose to violate our server rules. Not only did you misuse a costly vehicle, it was reported you also purchased assault boats on Takistan which has no water for them to be used. This is a huge waste of resources others have worked hard to gather. This type of behavior is considered trolling and it is not permitted in the slightest. Also, it was reported that you fired upon friendlies as they left the base before the offence you were banned for occurred. Firing on base is never allowed for any reason. Certainly not out of discontent because someone left you. When confronted you did not show remorse for your actions and displayed anger toward someone reporting you. We look for people to take responsibility for their actions regardless what caused them and if it was justified or not. Your above appeal mentions nothing about being kicked for firing upon friendlies. Moving forward we are not looking to dispute what did or did not occur. Your ban will be lifted sometime today when the server can be reset. I highly suggest you do not put yourself in a position to be kicked or banned again as next time the ban will stay in place.
  3. LtCol Coffield

    Disrespect on Public Server

    MEU HQ has decided to lift your Sizzle account forum ban. Please note any further disrespect displayed will be met with swift and harsh punishment and no third chance will be given. Also, since you were officially discharged from the unit under a Bad Conduct Discharge (BCD), you will have to appeal that discharge if you wish to reenlist. This BCD was issued by MEU HQ at the time so per unit policy, you must appeal to Command Staff (List Here). Please follow the instructions listed out in section 10 of our unit policy manual regarding appeals.
  4. LtCol Coffield

    Disrespect on Public Server

    Sizzle/Mr. Lawrence, I am taking a look at this. Your last message here before you were banned was pretty disrespectful regardless if you felt you were in the right or not. It was that comment mixed with the pub server issues that got you the boot. Can you tell me what has changed from the time of your ban till now?
  5. LtCol Coffield

    Kicked from Public Server

    I split this into its own topic as the other one had nothing to do with this and got locked because of it. This one is locked as well. As mentioned before....CoC.
  6. LtCol Coffield

    Requesting Unit Contact

    Hello there. I am probably the best person for you to speak to. Feel free to reach out to me on TS or on discord.
  7. LtCol Coffield


  8. LtCol Coffield

    TS3 Server Information

    Due to recent attacks, when a new user joins the server a Silver Shield admin should meet with them and verify their identity. Once confirmed, any public server regulars will be provided with a user group that allows them to move freely. There may be a situation where no silver shield admin is not available and a new join will have to wait. Right now that situation is better than the risk of individuals with bad intentions joining the server and attacking our members. This restriction will be lifted in the future.
  9. LtCol Coffield

    TS3 Server Information

    Please note updated server IP and password.
  10. LtCol Coffield

    [ACCEPTED] Leonard Application

    Approved to UH-1Y Reserves by ACE HQ.
  11. LtCol Coffield

    [ACCEPTED] Leonard Application

    Mr. Leonard, The current ACE openings are in Warhorse with 3 open spots. You may rejoin directly to Warhorse or in UH-1Y or AH-1Z reserves. Please state your intentions. Thank you. Respectfully, Maj Coffield
  12. LtCol Coffield

    [ACCEPTED] Brigade Application

    Approved by ACE HQ to CH-53 detachment. Report in HERE once processed.
  13. LtCol Coffield

    [ACCEPTED] Degeratu Application

    Approved by ACE HQ to HMH-465 Warhorse. Report in HERE when processed.
  14. LtCol Coffield

    [ACCEPTED] Degeratu Application

    Mr. Degeratu, Which ACE Detachment are you requesting to rejoin in? Respectfully,
  15. LtCol Coffield

    [ACCEPTED] Hooks Application

    Mr. Hooks, I am not sure which air frame you are wanting within Gunfighter. I believe you were a former AH-1 pilot. Currently there are no AH-1 positions available, however we do have UH-1 positions. You are approved by ACE HQ to one of the UH-1 positions if that is what you meant. Maj Coffield

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