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    Gamer Name: K. Green Date of Ban: 03-28-2000 approximately ArmA, Teamspeak, or Both?: Arma ArmA ID: 76561198047756277 Reason for Ban: Flash bang cook Comments: On Friday I had an issue where I threw a flash bang grenade and it cooked off and exploded when I was looking at my map. After so in which there were about 7 other people near the me, either waiting for brief or rearming that got injured along with a few officers. When the grenade went off it damaged a lot of people including myself and caused a white flash to my screen. I was already in pain because of a hard landing in the CH-53 before I went by the arsenal crates where the grenade cooked off. With the flash bang going off I took even more damage and I decided to re spawn along with other people. After this occurred I believe it was Capt Bates that stated that whoever did that confess and there will be a lesser penalty. I was unknowing of the fact that I threw a grenade because this has happened before about 4 weeks ago with the same instance but I knew I had thrown the grenade and I apologized for it. I did not know that I was the one who threw the grenade and I didn't say anything. So as a result I left the FOB and went to evac a squad because there was going to be a new brief for an OP. When I was on my way back I passed out and went unconscious in the cockpit while I was on my final in the CH-53 which I was carrying a Colonel Murphy which shook me a little because my first impression on a Colonel for the 15th is me crashing lol. I told the two people who confronted me about the flash bang the same thing after they questioned me. I am not sure how I went unconscious I didn't notice me bleeding. As time went by I believe it was Ayala or RazersEdge who went to insert some people into the field and a different CH-53 exploded with everybody in it. At that point the two people one a GySgt and the other an officer told me they had stream video of me doing it. I told them this exact thing, and I'm unsure if they didn't believe me but they said they wouldn't ban me for it. I've been playing with the 15th MEU mil ArmA 2,not consistently, but I always fly and I am well aware of the rules. I wouldn't willingly try to cause harm to other players and I'm sorry that it happened. I don't really know what happened but I take responsibility for what happened and I was advised to switch my keybinding to x2 G and Ace key bind as well, which is what I did. Hopefully this could work out and this injunction being lifted. I feel like I've been on the server frequent enough to be known as a regular for the past tow-three months, and for those who have played with me they know that I try my best not to be reckless on the server. I want to say again that I want to acknowledge that I should've done better to fix this issue prior but I really do enjoy playing on this server with my friends and I would like to be allowed the opportunity to reprove myself and show that I have no intention on breaking the rules or causing harm to other players. Other than this instance of grenades when im in my map I have no other history of trying to harm other players on this server. Thank you for taking a look at my appeal, I know it was a long one but it's worth the length for you guys to understand my POV because I do enjoy playing on the 15th MEU milsim server.
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    Rct Barte will be attending Recruit Training: Does your Acre2 work ingame? Yes Have you read the "Read first" thread? Yes Day 1, 4 April at 15:00 CST Day 2, 4 April at 17:00 CST Day 3, 5 April at 11:00 CST
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    "Alexander R. Lowhorn will be attending Recruit Training: Does your Acre2 work ingame? Yes Have you read the "Read first" thread? Yes Day 1, 31MAR20 at 2000CST Day 2, 2APR20 at 2000CST Day 3, 3APR20 at 2000CST"
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