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    Within this topic, several images/videos/gifs and more will be placed giving a view from Atom's viewpoint on this unit. It can range from; 1 on 1's to full blown operations. My aim is to give an insight of the wide variety of things that can occur during daily operations and workings of the 15th MEU Realism Unit from day to day and week by week. Likes and comments on any involvement of situations captured here are welcome. (Just don't forget to quote it). Thank you and hopefully you will see another viewpoint of the 15th unseen before. Enjoy and take your time.
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    Ownership has been transferred here is the new link - https://discord.gg/5z6uxM
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    Bounding across a HUGE open area~ // Bounding Training // Squad Training //
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    Ready, set... BREACH! // MOUT Training // Day 3 Recruit Training //
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    Vietnam WAR! // NSO // Unsung Mod's // Bush Wookie 1-1 //
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    BREACHING! // MOUT Training // Day 3 Recruit Training //
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    // Peeling to Cover // Recruit Training //
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    One by One~ // Vehicle Mounting & Dismounting Training // ITB Training //
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    Recruit Hearin, Application accepted. Within the next hour, you will receive a welcome aboard private message with some general instructions to get you initially set up. You have been assigned to a Recruiter to help you throughout the process of getting through your Basic Training. Your Recruiter is @HN Atom. After you have received your welcome aboard private message from me, make sure you send a private message to your Recruiter letting them know you've received it and followed the instructions within. If you are having issues, they will be able to help you with it. They will assist you in getting your mods installed and getting you signed up for the Recruit Training class. In Summary: Step 1. Receive Welcome Aboard Message and follow Instructions inside of the Welcome Aboard Message Step 2. Send a private message to your Recruiter Thank you and once again, welcome aboard, Recruit. Respectfully Submitted, Cpl Ust Recruiting Detachment Processor
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