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    Maj D. A. Thomas

    Department of the Navy
    Headquarters United States Marine Corps
    15th Marine Expeditionary Realism Unit
    Cordocas is a small island nation off the southern coast of South America. Officially titled the United Kingdom of Cordocas (Reino Unido de Cordocas - RUC), the nation of Cordocas is governed by a constitutional monarchy and is currently ruled by King Rafael Hidalgo. King Hidalgo has no heirs, and he has been known to be a somewhat incompetent ruler.
    Sensing weakness in the king's rule and noting his lack of a lineage, several top military commanders of the RUC Army organized a coup d'etat to overthrow the king's rule, calling themselves the New Republic of Cordocas (Nueva República de Cordocas - NRC). They seek to violently reform the government into a republic, governed by a military junta rather than a parliament or president.
    The United States has long held friendly economic ties with the RUC and has provided some military training and arms to help the RUC ensure that international waters near the Drake Passage are kept patrolled and enforced to prevent piracy.
    Map: Isla Abramia

    Day 1 - Morning: Partly cloudy
    Day 1 - Noon: Clear
    Day 1 - Evening: Cloudy
    Day 1 - Midnight: Rain
    Day 2 - Morning: Light rain, overcast
    Day 2 - Noon: Partly cloudy
    Day 2 - Evening: Clear
    Day 2 - Midnight: Partly cloudy
    Day 3 - Morning: Light fog, partly cloudy
    Day 3 - Noon: Clear
    Day 3 - Evening: Overcast
    Day 3 - Midnight: Overcast
    Effects on visibility: BLUFOR and OPFOR will not be affected by any visibility.
    Arrival of main body to Cordocas: *CLASSIFIED*
    Operation RISING CADENCE commences: 0500 Local
    The island nation of Cordocas

    The fictional country of Cordocas is located in the vicinity of Tierra del Fuego, the southern tip of South America.
    Click on maps to enlarge them
    While all of the islands shown here are apart of the nation of Cordocas, the 15thMEU will be deployed to the eastern islands.

    To download the image below in high resolution
    Five days ago, the United Kingdom of Cordocas (RUC) has been thrown into turmoil as the New Republic of Cordocas (NRC) has initiated a military coup d'etat to wrest control of the nation from the established monarchy. In the past five days the majority of RUC forces been driven back towards the capital city of Yolandi and is currently fighting to prevent the NRC from controlling the south eastern portion of the island of Abramia.
    The Secretary of Defense has authorized the USMC to mobilize the 15th MEU to rapidly deploy in immediate response to this crisis and, with the express permission of King Hidalgo's court, to conduct combat operations in eastern Cordocas to restore stability to the region and to force the NRC to cease all operations.
    NRC forces have deployed Silkworm and Exocet anti-ship missile batteries along the coast line and extensive SAM and AAA protects these batteries in Cordocas. Due to the considerable risk these batteries pose to the Navy, the Navy will not be deployed to Abramia. The 15th MEU will only be operating in eastern Cordocas to establish an area of control for follow-on operations by relief forces.
    NOTE: Both FRIENDLY RUC and ENEMY NRC elements use the same weaponry, vehicles and equipment with no variation in uniform, ensure PID is followed to avoid any blue on blue, or blue on green. When in doubt, call up the CoC to confirm before firing.
    Size: Estimated size of enemy forces - One division, three battalions deployed to eastern Corodcas.
    Activity: Actively Fighting RUC in Abramia.
    Location: Cordocas.
    Unit: NRC mechanized and motorized regular forces, and airborne forces.
    Time: Current as of start of operations
    Equipment: OPFOR (NRC) possess the following
    OPFOR (NRC) are dressed in a standardized uniform consisting of, M10 fatigues (Digital), a Carrier Lite vest (typically Green), a M97 (Digital) Helmet, and airborne forces use Night Vision Goggles.
    with infantry weaponry consisting of Smoke Grenades, M67 Frag Grenades, HK G36KV Assault Rifle, HK G36C Carbine, M16A4 Assault Rifle, M24 Sniper Rifle, M249 light machine gun, M9 Pistol, M72 LAW, RPG-7, and FIM-92F Stinger.
    Vehicles consist of HMMWV Light Vehicles, GAZ-66 Transport Vehicles, M113A3 APCs, T-72A/T-72B MBTs, 2S25 Tank Destroyers, ZSU-23-4 Anti Aircraft vehicle, M119 howitzer, M252 Mortar, M2 Browning Static MG, TOW Static AT, ZU-23-2 Static AA, UH-60A Transport Helicopter, Mi-28N Attack Helicopter, MD-500 Light Helicopter, AV8-B Harrier and L-159 Alca Fixed Wing aircraft, Silkworm and Exocet anti-ship missiles, boats, and naval gunboats and coastal warships.
    Elimination of RUC forces, overthrow of established monarchy, and complete control of Cordocas.
    Size: Estimated size of friendly forces - One battalion deployed to eastern Corodcas.
    Activity: Actively Fighting NRC in Abramia.
    Location: Eastern Cordocas- Abramia.
    Unit: RUC regular forces.
    Time: Current as of start of operations
    Equipment: GREENFOR (RUC) possess the following
    GREENFOR (RUC) are dressed in a standardized uniform consisting of, M10 fatigues (Digital), a Carrier Lite vest (typically Green), a M97 (Digital) Helmet, and Night Vision Goggles.
    with infantry weaponry consisting of Smoke Grenades, M67 Frag Grenades, HK G36KV Assault Rifle, HK G36C Carbine, M16A4 Assault Rifle, M24 Sniper Rifle, M249 light machine gun, M9 Pistol, M72 LAW, RPG-7, and FIM-92F Stinger.
    Vehicles consist of HMMWV Light Vehicles, GAZ-66 Transport Vehicles, M113A3 APCs, T-72A/T-72B MBTs, 2S25 Tank Destroyers, ZSU-23-4 Anti Aircraft vehicle, M119 howitzer, M252 Mortar, M2 Browning Static MG, TOW Static AT, ZU-23-2 Static AA, UH-60A Transport Helicopter, Mi-28N Attack Helicopter, MD-500 Light Helicopter, AV8-B Harrier and L-159 Alca Fixed Wing aircraft.
    Continue to defend against NRC attack, protection of established monarchy and maintain control of Abramia.
    The 15th MEU has been tasked with supporting the RUC and intervening to prevent a complete military coup by members of the newly formed NRC.
    Commander's Intent:
    It is the intent of MEU HQ to retake the eastern islands of Cordocas from NRC forces through elimination or unconditional surrender of their forces and ensuring the protection of the RUC and his royal highness King Rafael Hidalgo.
    This will be accomplished by tasking all elements into either combat or supporting operations. The endstate will have the 15th MEU in complete control of the island with NRC forces eliminated, and/or forced into unconditional surrender, and it's leaders captured.
    Phase I: Pre-Deployment
    01-17 ( FORCE - 9/APR)
    FORCE deployed to Cordocas.
    Phase II: During Operations
    01-17 (LED - 15/APR, GCE - 16/APR, FORCE - 23/APR)
    02-17 (LED - 6/MAY, GCE - 7/MAY, FORCE - 14/MAY)
    03-17 (LED - 20/MAY, GCE - 21/MAY, FORCE - 28/MAY)
    Initial landing and deployment of 15th MEU, disruption of NRC supplies, and strikes on targets of opportunity.
    Phase III: During Operations
    04-17 (LED - 3/JUN, GCE - 4/JUN, FORCE 11/JUN)
    05-17 (LED - 17/JUN, GCE - 18/JUN, FORCE - 25/JUN)
    06-17 (LED - 1/JUL, GCE - 2/JUL, FORCE - 9/JUL)
    07-17 (GCE - 16/JUL, FORCE - 23/JUL)
    NRC locations identified and assaulted, key RUC locations identified and defended.
    Phase IV: End-state Operations
    08-17 (LED - 5/AUG, GCE - 6/AUG, FORCE - 13/AUG)
    09-17 (LED - 19/AUG, GCE - 20/AUG, FORCE - 27th)
    10-17 (LED - 2/SEPT, GCE - 3/SEPT, FORCE - 10/SEPT)
    11-17 (LED - 16/SEPT, GCE - 17/SEPT, FORCE - 24/SEPT)
    Capture of NRC Leadership, mop up operations, and eliminating holdouts and strongholds.
    (Note: These are optimistic projections by S-3 of what we hope to accomplish during these Operations. They should not be taken as 100% fact as to what will actually happen.)

    Civilian Considerations & ROE:
    Nothing in the ROE will restrict or limit your right to take action in self-defense.
    Attack only designated OPFOR combatants and military forces.
    Do not attack civilians unless they commit a hostile act/intent.
    Treat all civilians and their property with respect and dignity. Do not enter their homes unless you are invited, you suspect suspicious activity, or you are in dire need of self preservation.
    Treat all prisoners humanely.
    U.S. forces may detain civilians for their own safety.
    Spare civilian persons and objects, destruction of civilian property should be avoided.
    Restrict lethal force to what the mission requires.
    Enemy Prisoners of War (EPWs):
    Any unit that captures a prisoner of war will follow all rules of armed conflict and treat the prisoner humanely. Search, silence, segregate, safeguard, and tag all EPWs and bring them to the senior leadership.
    Command and Signal
    Unit Frequencies per SOP (http://15thmeu.net/forums/index.php?topic=12241)

    Motor Pool - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NLdVnJD0AWCckvNKdD1ymXrcohQEYo3Py4EFMkwmXVI/edit?usp=sharing
    Download the map of Isla Abramia v1.8
    Unit Download
    Run the required 15th MEU Mods IN THE FOLLOWING ORDER.
    @CBA_A3  (Version 3.2.1)
    @Task_Force_Radio  (Version 1.0 RC)
    @CUP_Terrains_Complete  (Version 1.3.0)
    @RHSAFRF  (Version 4.2.1)
    @RHSUSF  (Version 4.2.1)
    @RHSGREF  (Version 4.2.1)
    @RHSSAF  (Version 4.2.1)
    @15thACE  (Version 3/APR/17)
    @15thMEU  (Version 3/APR/17)
    @15thAmmo  (Version 3/APR/17)
    @abramia (Version 1.8 )
    @15thOPFOR (Version 3/APR/17)
    Any authorized client side mods
    Mods located here-


    Col Penny
    Having met the requirements for promotion, the following personnel have been promoted to the indicated rank effective 19MAR17:
    2ndLt -> 1stLt
    2ndLt Gallo
    2ndLt Verta
    Cpl -> Sgt
    Cpl B. Hansen
    Cpl J. Martinez
    LCpl -> Cpl
    LCpl Englehart
    PFC -> LCpl
    PFC Swensen
    PFC Tullo
    Pvt -> PFC
    Pvt J. Beach
    Pvt Dolin
    Pvt Laksana
    Pvt Lanteigne
    Pvt Longanecker
    Pvt McCormick
    Pvt P. J. Phillips
    Pvt A. A. Young
    Pvt N. V. Young
    HR -> HA
    HR Perkowski
    Congratulations to all,
    2ndLt(T) Frey
    S-1 Personnel Officer

    Col Penny
    Attention All Hands,
    Everyone knows over the last couple years our numbers have not been as strong as we want. MEU HQ and Command Staff has done everything possible to mitigate and overcome these issues. Many of you have weathered through these problems and done everything you can as well, to your own credit. Thank to your efforts we've been able to put off something we've not wanted to do longer than we probably should have. However with the release of 64-bit, and the general improvement of ArmA and modding in general, MEU HQ and Command Staff are now comfortable enough to make the move we'd rather not make, though it is at the current time the best move for the unit.
    On March 27th, 2017, we will be shutting down both Echo Company and Foxtrot Company. 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines Regiment will be rotated out of duty with the 15th MEU Realism Unit. Rotating into duty will be 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines Regiment and we will be standing up India Company. (In other words: Echo and Foxtrot Companies will be combining into a single company, and we will be re-designating our BLT and company.)

    The company HQ for this new company will be as follows:
    Company Commanding Officer: Major Keta
    Company Executive Officer: Captain Gaden
    Company First Sergeant: First Sergeant Hoagland
    Company Gunnery Sergeant: Master Sergeant Smyth
    Company HQ support staff will include both company corpsmen (HM1 (FMF) Perrault and HM1 (FMF) Ziegler) and will return to a single billeted position when either or both vacate. JTACs will also all remain without losing their jobs, but will remain at only three official billeted positions. The extra two members will lose their positions only through transfer (lateral or reserve), and those positions will not be filled.
    Platoons and platoon command will be mixed between the previously-billeted Echo and Foxtrot Company commands. Leadership will be as follows:
    1st Platoon, Platoon Commander: First Lieutenant Karelia
    1st Platoon, Platoon Sergeant: Staff Sergeant H. Mitchell
    2nd Platoon, Platoon Commander: First Lieutenant J. Murphy
    2nd Platoon, Platoon Sergeant: Gunnery Sergeant Cariddo
    3rd Platoon, Platoon Commander: Captain Smart
    3rd Platoon, Platoon Sergeant: Gunnery Sergeant Astrope
    Weapons Platoon, Platoon Commander: Second Lieutenant C. Smith
    Weapons Platoon, Platoon Sergeant: Gunnery Sergeant Cohrs
    First Lieutenant D. A. Thomas will be transferred to S-3 Training and Operations to take over the S-3 Officer position from Major D. Schultz, who will be moving the the Chief position. Gunnery Sergeant Frey will be transferring to S-1 Personnel Chief full time. Gunnery Sergeant Sierra will be transferring to S-3 Training & Operations full time. Any names not mentioned that are currently platoon leadership will be rolled into the platoon with first consideration for next commander and NCO leadership openings. Rosters for specific assignments of these new platoons will be posted by the new India Company HQ in the coming days. Along with these changes, because of the better performance of ArmA, mods, and 64-bit the unit's priorities will be shifted to filling 3rd Squads in all platoons.
    Force Reconnaissance will be remaining at their current two teams and will not lose any numbers, but they will be moving to operating on 2nd and 4th Sundays (the rest of the unit will operate only on 1st and 3rd Sundays, with the exception of LED and the Cadet Corps which will be operating on Saturdays like they do now). This will allow them to operate in advance of the main unit operations for better intelligence processing, as well as allowing them to more easily operate as roleplayers for the main operations.

    For the Aviation Combat Element there will be some changes as well. VMM-268 Red Dragons (MV-22), the base detachment, is being rotated out and replaced. The new base detachment for ACE will be VMM-161 Greyhawks (MV-22). Gunfighters (UH-1 and AH-1) will be unaffected, as well as Avengers (F-35). Warhorse (CH-53) will also remain unaffected for the time being, but they will be seeing changes down the line. Greyhawks (MV-22) will be reduced immediately to 3 birds but no one will be immediately removed from their positions. Greyhawks will be officially billeted at 6 positions, but anyone currently there that is 'extra' will not be removed, and instead numbers will be reduced through lateral or reserves transfers naturally. Vikings (F/A-18) will be the most heavily affect detachment. Vikings will be closed. No further transfers or assignments into the section will be accepted, however no one will be removed from their current billets. These billets will be emptied over time naturally through lateral or reserve transfers. After a designated amount of time has passed, however, and there has been plenty of time for everyone to make other arrangements, the detachment will be officially closed and the Nimitz and F/A-18 mods will be removed from our mod pack (this timeframe is yet to be officially decided but will be done between MEU and ACE HQs)  
    Another section facing major changes will be S-2 Zeus Controllers. Because of the way we will operate Zeus Controllers are necessary, but currently they operate when their own section is not (ie. a Foxtrot Company member does Zeus Controlling for Echo Company operations). These positions are still highly needed. Because of this the S-2 Zeus Controller billets will become official full-time duty billets. They will be structured in a squad-like fashion:
    S-2 Zeus Controllers
    Zeus Chief (Gunnery Sergeant billeted)
    Alpha Team
    Team Leader (Staff Sergeant billeted)
    Zeus Controller (Sergeant billeted)
    Zeus Controller (Sergeant billeted)
    Bravo Team
    Team Leader (Staff Sergeant billeted)
    Zeus Controller (Sergeant billeted)
    Zeus Controller (Sergeant billeted)
    Charlie Team
    Team Leader (Staff Sergeant billeted)
    Zeus Controller (Sergeant billeted)
    Zeus Controller (Sergeant billeted)
    These billets will not be eligible for Category B promotions, but will still (as with all billets), fall under the One Up, Two Down Policy (maximum rank to hold the billet will be one rank above the noted rank, while the minimum rank is two ranks below the noted rank). Gunnery Sergeant Donado will remain the S-2 Zeus Controller Chief and will be organizing the filling of these teams.
    Gator, Titan, LED, and the Cadet Corps will be unaffected by these changes.
    Because of these changes there will be some adjustment to the deployment schedule. Originally slated to begin on 02APR17 this will, instead, be pushed back to 16APR17. The operation day for 02APR17 will be set as FTX 11-17. This FTX will be dedicated simply to allowing you all to get familiar with your new compositions on a full-unit scale. This mission will be R2P2 and designed and executed solely by the Task Force Command.
    Coinciding with these changes we will be officially launching the new forums. This week I will be opening it the S-Shops to transition over in preparation for the move (especially S-1 to familiarize themselves with the new systems). On 27MAR17 (the date noted above for the battalion changes) the new forums will be officially released, and the DNS will be changed. These forums will remain available for the general membership for the rest of the week (and FTX reports posting) to move any information they need. New registration will be required for these forums. We are not exporting anything.
    These changes are not easy to make. We all have done as much as we can to avoid it. But we are now at the point, and ArmA is at the point, that it is now better for the unit as a whole to make these changes, and make them now. Some of you have been asking for this for a while. Some of you may be discouraged by these changes. Some of you may lose your jobs and move down.. this is not a reflection on you. Senior guys are being forced to move down because of these changes and must go where is best for the unit as a whole.
    These changes are not bad. They do not mean the unit is dying.. just the opposite. Our unit will be made stronger and more prepared for any challenges ahead with these changes. MEU HQ and Command Staff remain dedicated to the welfare of this unit and its members.
    If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please seek out your current Chain of Command. They will have the answers you need.
    For the Command,
    Col Penny
    MEU CO



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