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Can't seem to get either the discharge form or the transfer form to show up when I try all I get is the ACE support form, which be the wrong form if I ask for a transfer or a discharge hell they might even drop me from a chopper.


3rd Battalion, 1st Marines



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You should be able to go straight to the discharge section and find the form. Same with the transfer form, after clicking on either of the forum sections there will be a hyper link at the top looking like this for both: https://gyazo.com/eeb5d9b8396b0d3f42722ce3bf42c8e9 and same with transfers. That should work for you.

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If you don't see the 'Resignation' or 'Lateral Transfer' form from the 'Forms' link at the top, you can try the 'Request a Transfer' link at the top of the 'Transfers and Lateral Moves' forum, or use the ones I linked here. If you are looking to go to Reserves, you can use the same transfer form.

Combat Instructor | S-3 ITB Chief Instructor | S-9 Media Team Specialist
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