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1stLt H. Taylor

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  1. 1stLt H. Taylor

    15th MEU (SOC) Official Public Server Information

    The existing versions were broken. Fixed versions have been produced and I am awaiting them being sent to me for upload.
  2. 1stLt H. Taylor

    Public Server Mod Request

    The UH-60 is a United States Army platform. This unit emulates a United States Marine Corps unit, and is host to HMLA-369, which operates the UH-1Y. Aircraft such as the UH-60 are available for purchase, but not spawned by default. This is by design. The public server will continue to primarily provide the platforms and services to allow players to function as US Marine Corps units, to effectively display our unit to the public. The default spawn light transport helicopters will remain UH-1Ys for that reason.
  3. 1stLt H. Taylor

    15th MEU (SOC) Official Public Server Information

    CHANGELOG 18JUL19 Liberation v0.963 R6.1 Missed copy error causing Black Wasp to be available for purchase in place of AV8B corrected. Debug console removed. Kujari Liberation ACE RRR boxes relocated to other side of wall and spaced for safety. Vehicle respawn tweaked.
  4. 1stLt H. Taylor

    Can not join the TS3 server listed in the game map.

    Same info as this?
  5. 1stLt H. Taylor

    Taylor Trash (Sgt H. Taylor's Pics/Vids)

    Planning Meetings... @1stLt Teed
  6. 1stLt H. Taylor

    15th MEU (SOC) Official Public Server Information

    Posting on behalf of @1stLt De MunckMunck so it's not on a perishable chat board and I remember it: "The Fuel Crate at the Op base on Kujari is a little too close to the other two crates which causes it to explode upon interaction. Could you guys please fix this @S4 Mission" Will be corrected next release.
  7. 1stLt H. Taylor

    ACRE 2 doesn't connect to TS3

    Actual TS permissions should not be the issue. Be very, very, very sure TeamSpeak the Arma 3 launcher, and the Arma 3 x64 application are all set to always run as administrator.
  8. 1stLt H. Taylor

    Taylor Trash (Sgt H. Taylor's Pics/Vids)

    Muir, Warlike @Cpl Muir
  9. 1stLt H. Taylor

    Taylor Trash (Sgt H. Taylor's Pics/Vids)

    Staff Chat During SOI Mech/Amphib @Cpl Kanefieldand @Cpl Muirfeatured.
  10. 1stLt H. Taylor

    Ace mismatch message.

    Do you have something called Compass and Watch Enlarger or anything like that loaded? Whatever that is, it's a similar UI adjustment mod that you have loaded, but the server does not.
  11. 1stLt H. Taylor

    15th MEU (SOC) Official Public Server Information

    Kujari released to server at v0.963 R6.0. as above. First playing release. Kujari to be added to server modlist, page references, and steam collection.
  12. 1stLt H. Taylor

    15th MEU (SOC) Official Public Server Information

    Liberation Revision 6.0 released to server: Templates included: Altis Chernarus Sahrani Takistan Tanoa Changelog: Loading image updated Rule sign updated Stringtable updated to R6.0. Woodland preset recreated and updated. Presets selected between DES and WDL per mission. Fixed init_presets.sqf throwing errors for missing class references in OPFOR infantry. Fixed popup message about no entry for widthRailWay caused by missing value in standard_controls.hpp Tanks classnames corrected to MEU tanks. S1 Recruiting Detachment sign added, buildable objects for S1RD and Rules signs added to build menu. Helicopter start spawn locations and systems fixed to reduce exploding/disappearing helicopters on carrier/at start base. R5.1 will be removed from the server on next restart. Future template changes should be made to R6.0 templates. S1 RECRUITING DETACHMENT SIGN is a buildable item under the Buildings tab of the Build menu. This sign will lose its texture on mission restart/refresh or server restart. 15th members should take care that the old is recycled and a new sign placed at active FOBs for visibility. Thank you for participating in recruiting efforts with that small task. A small 1m/0.5m server rules sign has also been added through the same utility. This can be spawned if needed for reference, and is also subject to the same loss of texture on mission refresh.
  13. 1stLt H. Taylor

    Taylor Trash (Sgt H. Taylor's Pics/Vids)

    ACP Totem Pole @Pvt Belgrave , Photo credit to @Pvt Orsini
  14. 1stLt H. Taylor

    teamspeak not working

    Yeah the server appears to be down. The appropriate people have been pinged to address it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  15. 1stLt H. Taylor

    ACE Mismatch Issues

    Can you provide the specific message it said either typed or in a screenshot?

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