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how to turn ingame audio from ts3 up?

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hello i joined the server and i am having some problems hearing some other players when they are talking to me in the server(i am trying to use my tv speakers and not my headset for now) is there a way to turn it up? i already tried to turn it up under options>playback on ts3 but it did not work while ingame yet but i used to have it turned up that way and it worked i remember bc i had two different audio profiles and a toggle key to switch back and forth.

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I personally have all my in game sounds turned extremely low, to approx 30%, whilst teamspeak is amped up to 100%. Hope that helps.

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You can also push volumes here via the ingame ACRE2 options:

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Just to add more info to whether you should be adjusting pre-mix or post-mix volume, here is a quick guide,





The volume settings you want to adjust are:
Post Mix Global Volume and Pre Mix Global Volume.

Post Mix Global Volume is the overall volume of the mod POST mod special effects, it increases or decreases the volume of the players voices both via proximity and over the radio, the volume of the radio static and distortion, the radio open and close of the mics (the radio beeps)

Pre mix global volume will increase or decrease the volume PRE mod, so basically it will only increase or decrease the volume of the players voices by via proximity or via the radio.

Also if your group uses any spectator mode you may want to consider adjusting the Spectator volume as I found the standard volume WAAY too loud.


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