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    Ground Combat Officer Selection is considered the primary way to select new GCE platoon commanders. It does not apply to ACE, MSOT, or any H&S Company position. Ground Combat Officer Selection(GCOS) is a shortlist selected by MEU HQ. These Candidates are selected by submitting an initial application of interest followed by an interview with MEU HQ. MEU HQ will make a decision on each applicant on whether or not to add them to the shortlist. Once established on the shortlist members are required to complete TBS, IOC, and SNCOA within 60 days, and attend one planning meeting per month to maintain their candidacy. When a position is available these Candidates are then reviewed and discussed between MEU HQ, selection will not be determined by the length of time in the GCOS, rather based on the evaluation of each Candidate and their usefulness in the open position. The Candidate will then have the option to either accept or deny that position, and if necessary another evaluation process will be conducted, and the position will be offered to the next Candidate. A Candidate may deny a position, but the denial of three positions will result in removal from GCOS. Once a Candidate has accepted an offer from MEU HQ they will be placed in their new billet as an officer.



    While in GCOS each Candidate will be assigned a Mentor for a two month period(If a Candidate is in GCOS longer than two months they will be assigned another mentor for another three months). These mentors will be selected by MEU HQ for each candidate. Mentors may only be assigned to the following positions: MEU CO, MEU XO, GCE CO, GCE XO, Current Platoon CO’s, MSOT LT,  ACE CO, ACE XO, or any officer MEU HQ deems fit to add to the mentorship program.


    Mentor Duties:

    • Guide Candidates through TBS, IOC, and SNCO classes (not required to attend but more so help answer any questions they have about classes or topics discussed in class, they are encouraged to speak to their Instructors first and mentors second during this phase).
    • Have their Candidates tag along to planning meetings with them and answer any and all questions they have about planning meetings in general or about the specific planning meeting they attended.
    • Provide insight of their current job and responsibilities to their Candidates.
    • Provide MEU HQ with a report of their Candidates once a month. This will include what their Candidates exceed, fall short with, and any other general evaluation of their Candidate throughout their time under their wing.

    Requirements While in GCOS

    All Candidates are required to follow all below listed tasks while in GCOS to maintain their candidacy:

    • Complete TBS, IOC, and SNCO classes within 60 days of being Shortlisted
    • Attend at least one planning meeting every month while Shortlisted
    • Complete one GCOS Curriculum piece every 30 days while Shortlisted
    • Maintain near flawless discipline record while Shortlisted
    • Remain in an active duty billet while Shortlisted

    MEU HQ reserves the right to remove a Candidate for violation of any one of the above listed requirements.





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