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ACE Version Mismatch


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Hello folks,


I was just on the SOI server today testing out my mods for my class on Tuesday when I was hit with an ACE Version Mismatch error.


I've taken a screenshot of the exact files that I apparently do not have. I can confirm that I followed the steps on the Mod Installation Guide & downloaded ACE straight from the 15th Collection on the Steam Workshop. The server I was using to test my mods was "15th Unofficial SOI Backup 2" as listed on the Mod Installation Guide.




Appreciate any assistance you can provide.



Rct Coburn

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When the PBO checker tells you that you are missing server addons when you most are most certainly not, it means that you have one or more mods that you do not need. In this case, from personal experience, I can tell you that the addons that start with "hsim" mean addons from CUP. This includes CUP - Terrains Core and CUP - Maps, which we used to run on our servers, but has since been removed due to performance issues. 


TL;DR Unload mods that have the word "CUP" in it and try to join again. If the error persists, give me a screenshot of all of your loaded mods.

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"Missing Server Addons" does not mean YOU are missing server addons, it's no fluke of the server saying something incorrect. That's what is meant when it displays "Missing Addons". If it says "Missing Server Addons", it means you're running something the server isn't running or doesn't permit.

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