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Game Issues


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Respectfully requesting help, ive attended every op however ive only finished one, all others were dropped for either kick or server issues, this last op just exited to home screen with no errors, no codes nothing, just exited twice. im loosing interest because i cant play the main ops yet i can attend every training with zero issues. I have no clue of where to start to try and resolve these unseen issues so any type of help would be greatly appreciated. 



PFC Auck 

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Can you help us out with some basic information? 

  1. What components does your computer have? (RAM, CPU, GPU, Power Supply)
  2. How long have you had your current computer?
  3. Can you hear the fans on your computer kick on loudly while you play?
  4. What does your internet connection look like and what part of the world do you live in?
  5. Do you have these kinds of issues with any other games?
  6. Does this only happen during ops, or has this happened during large scale training missions as well?
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  • 16GB ram
  • Rysen 5 1400 quad core 
  • GTX 1050 TI 
  • Roswell 530W

Ive had this PC for a year and a half, its water cooled and my 2 fans never rev up, on any game what so ever. Wired internet connection with 10mbs download speed, and i live in California USA. Never had these issues with any other game, and only the main sunday operations. during training's or any other unit function i have no issues.  


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What settings do you run the game at? Have you tried verifying the integrity of the game files? If so, I would recommend maybe a reinstall of mods and even the game itself if necessary. While you work through the issue, do your best to attend as many trainings and ops as possible so you can try to further troubleshoot this.

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i run them on custom, but the majority of it are high, i can run everything ultra but i lower it for performance. im checking integrity now, and if this has no issues then ill just do a clean reinstall of everything. 



Update, 172 files failed to validate, so hopefully i just fixed the issue. is there a way to test out if it worked on an official server? since that seems to be where all the issues are? 

Edited by PFC Auck
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