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Joint Fundraising Competition

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I am Captain Jon Argus from the 7th Cavalry Regiment.  I would like to discuss the feasibility of setting up a joint fundraising competition in support of the charity https://stackup.org

Basically we will be fundraising in the month prior to Veteran's Day and on Veteran's Day we will run 24 hours of gaming in our different AO's.  The thought is that we may get better results if it is a competition between some of the bigger and more established units.

Stackup is an excellent charity whose primary mission is to support the troops overseas by sending games and equipment to them.  They also host air assaults where they take nominated veterans on all-expense trips to conferences such as E3, and Comicon.

Their values of gaming and veterans closely align with ours, and I think will resonate with many of the milisim communities out there.

Please contact me if you would be interested in becoming involved or have any questions I can answer.

Thank you,

S1 7th Cavalry Regiment

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