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Returning like MJ with the #45

J. Pacheco

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Good Evening! Devil Dogs!


My name is Pacheco, known to a few as "Pach" Former Warhorse Pilot for 3-3, served in the 15thMEU from 17' - 18'. I decided to come back because honestly there isn't a place like home here in the 15th. Im currently pushing for new experiences, friends, and a permanent stay here with the 15th! I'm very excited to extend my hand and assistance to my fellow Marines and to exceed new limits and accomplishments here in the 15th.


Thanks Again Everyone.




J. "Pach" Pacheco.

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I loved Warhorse, but I felt with Warhorse I was flying unarmed and defenseless sometimes, unless I had an escort. I use to spray flares like a sprinkler machine to avoid getting merked lol. At the time there was a glitch with hooking materials and vehicles so it was hard at the time to do the job 100% without cargo/vehicles detaching and falling. I would not mind UH1Y so I can atleast shoot some stuff lol but those billets we're taken. Im just trying to build up more experience with other MOS's to try something different. I like supporting roles! If worst case comes, I would return to Warhorse. (Sighs) all the hours on that flight log man lol ?. I remember I used to pull off the Pinnacle Landings (this was not taught in Flight School ?) for Marines to unload on top of anything man! FOB's, Rooftops, Mountain sides and cliffs! I took pride in WH 3-3! SNA Carr we will def get together 1 day in the Rec. Server Bud!

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