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Old MEU_F35 file

K. Santos

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So, I was curious if anyone has a copy of the MEU_F35 file from prior to the most recent update. All of my templates are corrupted because of the change of the file and I need to find the old one, drop it in a mod so I can open it in editor, de-binarize the mission.sqf, and remove the line for the F-35. Otherwise I have to start from scratch on all 41 of my templates. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I was able to get my hands on the pbo from someone who hadn't updated it yet. This allowed me to open the mission in editor, delete the plane, and save it. Should fix the issue. Thanks Cpl Heikinheimo for just coming back off LOA! LOL


For mission makers who might be experiencing the same issue, the PBOs can be found here.



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