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Altis government requests USMC support after terrorist attacks.


On May 28, 2018, a group of armed men in civilian clothing stormed and took over the resort in the Iraklia, killing three Americans during the attack.

After receiving official requests for military support from the Altis central government, the U.S. has deployed the 15th MEU and an LHD to arrive June 9th and establish forward operating position at the Altis International Airport. Its mission is to provide support to the government's new offensive against the militias in the form of training, surveillance, security of critical infrastructure, and air superiority.

History and genes divide Western and Eastern Altis. Western has more recently controlled the government due to more resources and population, and Eastern has been marginalized. Loose militias in the East have harassed government forces and police, and the Eastern political wing has recently declared the eastern half of Altis to be the new “Republic of Eastern Altis” and an ally of Russia.



Cadet Corps 2018 Deployment Schedule:


01-18 23JUN18

02-18 15JUL18

03-18 28JUL18

04-18 11AUG18

05-18 25AUG18



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Russia steps up help for REA to match USMC support of Western Altis

June 10, 2018


After the U.S. declares its support of the central Altis government by deploying the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit and supporting assets, the REA declares a no-fly zone above its airspace. Both sides build a hasty de-militarized zone stretching from Kalithea Bay to Pyrgos Bay. Heavily fortified checkpoints have choked traffic between the two sides at Kalithea and Anthrakia.


Map of new border between western and easter Altis, with forces establishing a heavily guarded DMZ across the narrowest portion of the island.


Russia has also stepped up the stakes by sending thousands of tons of military equipment and supplies into Pyrgos harbor under the cover of darkness, but footage of the buildup was smuggled out of Pyrgos harbor. Heavy armor and supplies are clearly visible before the cameraman was discovered by a patrol and killed.



Unconfirmed reports of Russian special forces entering the region are also surfacing, but proof is suspect. A photo of military shipping activity off the northeastern coast may provide evidence of stepped up Russian support with advanced naval hardware.


Photo courtesy of local fishermen


At this time a tense stalemate has established, but nearly anything could cause a spark that would ignite the entire island nation, and region, into a proxy war between major military forces.


CP Alpha, Altis forces checkpoint between Telos and Kalithea. REA forces hold the crossing on the other side of the DMZ, less than 300 meters away. 

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Associated Press:

June 23rd, 1900 hours local time:

A truck bomb was driven through the Altis checkpoint southwest of Athrikira and detonated as it reached the the Republic of Eastern Altis checkpoint in an apparent suicide attack.


No one has yet claimed responsibility but it sparked an immediate and severe counterattack by REA security forces on Altis and USMC forces stationed at the DMZ. Within a few minutes of the counterattack, REA and unknown supporting forces launched devastating artillery attacks on the Altis military bases at Fort Ares and the Altis International Airport, killing hundreds of Altis forces and destroying significant numbers of Altis and USMC aircraft and armored vehicles. Major utilities were also hit, including destruction of the solar Power Plant. Remaining Altis forces withdrew to the  and the USS Mathew Barton and USS Adam Corium, stationed off the western coast of Altis. (link to image album)


FOB Liberty after attack



FARP Lightning/Altis Airport after attack



0100 local time

REA forces have pushed across the DMZ with significant armor and ground forces, establishing a new front line nearly to the mountains of western Altis. A previous no-fly zone established by Altis and USMC air forces has effectively been broken. REA helicopters and planes were seen operating freely above eastern and central Altis, however several REA aircraft were shot down as they attempted to cross over Altis and USMC controlled airspace, proving the attack was effective, but ultimately not successful in overtaking the entire island.



USMC is regrouped on USS Adam Corium. Altis forces are holding the line at the mountains. REA forces pushing east. The city of Agios Dionysios (09,15) is under imminent threat of heavy armor attack.

Full view



0100 Friendly SALUTE: USMC forces

On the LHD USS Adam Corium:

  • Fuel and ammo
  • 4x CH53
  • 4x UH1-Y
  • 4x MRAP
  • 2x M1A2
  • 2x AAV
  • Challenger 1 GCE

On the LHD USS Mathew Barton:

  • Fuel and ammo
  • 4x F-35B
  • 4x AH-1
  • 4x MRAP
  • 2x M1A2
  • 3x AAV
  • Archer 1, 2, 4 GCE

At FARP Hermes:

  • Fuel and ammo
  • 2x AH-1
  • 2x UH-1 CAS
  • 4x MRAP

At FOB Landing:

  • Fuel and ammo
  • 1x CH53
  • 2x M1A2
  • 2x AAV
  • 4x MRAP

At FOB Perseverance: Lost contact at 2200, last reported taking artillery fire. Status is unknown

  • 3x M1A2
  • 3x AAV
  • 4x MRAP
  • 2x AH-1
  • 2x UH-1
  • Fuel and ammo


0100 Enemy SALUTE

Visual sightings of armor, mechanized and motorized forces marked on the map. Contact with friendlies behind enemy lines lost after REA front lines moved through and either jammed or destroyed local communications. They are dug in at Athira (14,18) and the military base northeast of Lakka (12,16).

REA forces behind the front line are unknown except for previously marked installations the map.


Next Cadet Corps Operation: 1800 CST, 14JUL

All 15th MEU Realism Unit members welcome to attend.


Edited by SSgt Riggenti
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