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Humble ArmA 2018 Bundle


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Yo guys!


Arma 3 is available as a bundle on Humble Bundle. For $20, you can get ArmA 3 and Apex, along with several other DLCs and Arma 2!


For those of you that do not know what Humble Bundle is; it's an organization that sells games in bundles in support of charities of your choice! I've been a member with them for years now and they are a great organization. 


Share this bundle with your friends that do not have ArmA and get them into the unit! I'm sure the player base will fluctuate because of this and we should take advantage of it!

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Do you have friends who talk about playing Arma with you? Are they whining because it "costs to much." Do you find yourself playing in a realism unit so that you can forget about real life friends? Forget no more, Humble Bundle Arma Edition will revive your long lost real life friends! Order today, $20 for everything Arma ever.

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