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Lets get right into it. I completed Rct Training, and aside from the basic acre stuff it went relatively well.

After joining a server with a few other 15th members we kit up, mount up, and push off, half way up a river in the map "Prei Khmaoch Luong" we beach our boat and decide to continue on foot.

As soon as I hit V to dismount I lost every asset on the map. Grass, Trees, the boat, the marines, and myself. Assuming this was an easy fix, I re-spawned and noticed the entire base was gone as well.

It's noteworthy to mention that I was able to locate the invisible arsenal box, and grab a mortar from the launchers, thank you weapons squad. I deployed the mortar, and mounted up, which allowed me to see the assets, people, buildings, and trees alike.


I also tried the below actions all to no avail:


googled the issue (many people think it's an issue with cup terrains, but no one mentions a fix)

deleted cup / reinstalled

switched from vanilla launcher to Arma3Sync / re-attempted downloads

cleared 'appdata' cache of mp misisons

assets work in SP and editor / only affected by MP servers (Santos' personal server and the below image from the SOI training server - on Altis)

problem persists on vanilla maps, but seems to be linked to multiplayer settings.






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