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Ace settings and keybind suggestions

W. Morgan

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So i was playing earlier and noticed so maby problems with my controls and frame rate, so after screwing around for a while trying to fix the issue, i just decided to reset my profile which worked bit now i gotta go through all my lovely settings again. And i wanna make sure i have everything setup properly before continuing SOI Saturday

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Make sure you unbind "v" for vaulting on the movements tab. You won't need it since you'll be using advanced movement. You also don't want to be the guy to accidentally vault over the firing range, trying to bring up your binoculars/rangefinder.

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What mouse / keyboard do you use? I personally use the Razer Naga 2014 edition and have keybound most of the 17 buttons to functions in Arma 3.




1 ACE interaction                                                                                                                    

2 ACE self interaction                                                                                                  | Shift + 2  Stance Up

3 Switch to pistol / Tactical Weapon Swap when on the public server                     

4 RHS Safety (Ctrl + F)                                                                                                 | Shift + 4 Stance Left

5 Deploy bipod                                                                                                              | Shift + 5 Stance Down                                                                                   

6 Switch Optic                                                                                                               | Shift + 6 Stance Right

7 Toggle zoom out

8 Weapon on back

9 Toggle zoom in

10 ACE Point Gesture                                                                                                  | Shift + 10 ACE Circle Point

11 ACE Cease Fire Gesture                                                                                         | Shift + 11 ACE Hold Gesture

12 ACE Stop Gesture                                                                                                    | Shift + 12 ACE Rally Up Gesture

MB 4 ACE Grenade

MB 5 Change Throwable

MSW Left ACE Cover Gesture

MSW Right Alternate radio 2





TAB Compass

T Alternate channel 3

V Enhanced movement

H GPS | Shift + H C-TAB

M TAO Folding Map | Shift + M Regular Map

F3 Toggle Zeus FPS

F4 Toggle ACRE Plugin


I also run my game in regular windowed mode in 103 FoV.


Since I'm one of your instructors feel free to pm me if you need any help with getting everything set up for day 2 of SOI.



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