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Hello and a question about signing-up

St. Julien

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While I've been a gamer for a long time, I'm pretty new to the Arma universe.  Lately I've played mostly strategy wargames and am just getting back into something with actual "gfx".  Anyway, I know nothing about infantry or ground tactics and would love to learn Arma 3 the way it was meant to be played...realistically.


I'm legally blind and was never able to join the service, though I tried.  All of my family have been in the Armed Forces serving in conflicts.  My father and several uncles were in Vietnam and Korea.  Cousins and relatives have been in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia.  I've never been able to actually serve my country and always have had a love for thing military.


I have 6 babies, and we homeschool...so time playing is limited mostly to late at night after the kiddos are in bed.


Would the 15th MEU allow me to join though I have no experience with and don't understand infantry tactics, and am legally blind, with not the fastest computer.  I do have Arma 3 Apex and am working through the campaign currently.  But there is so much to learn.  Thanx for your time.


Michael St. Julien (Saint19)

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Hello Saint,


From what I understand of legal blindness, you still have some kind of vision. From what I can see from your spelling, I don't think you'd have too big of a problem fitting in here

This is why we have our 4 day ITB training pipeline, for you to decide if you can play ArmA III in our manner of gameplay

So give it a go anyway, sign up and go from there. I think the infantry has the best atmosphere for you, since you have more local communication and less stressful than other supporting elements in which you're a larger target, communication overcomes the biggest issues.



These are our joining requirements otherwise, as long as you are confident you can play your role, you should be fine

We've accommodated vocally mute people in the past to give perspective

Not to mention the numerous amount of family-men and women

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Hello there Saint!

I'm going to start of by thanking you for trying to join the armed forces despite the unfortunate result. But you showed that you were willing to give it your everything & that counts for serving your country in my book :) 

When it comes to the 15th MEU, I have never heard about anyone being denied because of a real life medical condition. When I googled "legally blind" since I didn't know what it was, I get the understanding you can see, but in a limited view right? As long as you can see your screen & what you're aiming at then I highly doubt your eye sight plays a role for your application:) 

How well does arma run on your system in frame rate? That's of course importent so you can play but since you mention you're going through the Apex campaign, then I would assume you have a system that is good enough :) But Just in case ;) 

 So if can run arma & you can hear us while we can hear you, then I would say that you as everyone else will be accepted with open arms :) 


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If you can play arma3.. see things, shoot things... you'll be fine. Knowledge and understanding of tactics will come with time and training.. s'why we have all these training events between our big ops.


And some folks play with potato computers... as long as the game runs fine enough for you.... you'll be fine.

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Thank you all for the responses and information.


SSgt Russell,

You are correct in that legal blindness generally means that you still have some vision. In fact most people who are blind and visually impaired due have some residual vision.  Doesn't have much to do with spelling though. :D:D:D 


A couple of years ago I purchased my first pistol and earned my CCW here in Missouri.  After that I purchased an AR-15 and also a Mossberg shotgun.  I don't get to practice as much as I'd like, but I do fine.  I'm very thankful to my close friend for encouraging me to learn about these things not only because of my interest in the military and weapons, but also to protect my family.


Lt. Johansen,

In real life back in 1987 I was told by a Marine Recruiter that they wouldn't want me out in the dessert with my skin (albinism is why I'm legally blind).  That means that the sun is not good for me without a healthy dose of sunscreen.   After that I approached the National Guard and was sent to a MEPS station.  I went through all the physicals and at the end they began sending recruits to swear in....I was pulled out of the line.  Oh well, I'm sure that my father knew I'd not make it.  But he let me make my own choice.


My system is a low-end one with a DELL I5 7400, 12GB Ram, Windows 10, Intel Hd 630.  I left my Radeon card in my old machine (AMD) for the kids to play their games.  One day I may pick up a new card.  But the DELL seems to run fine for me mostly.  20 years ago I participated in a flight sim squadron where we used a program called Roger Wilco.  I don't have much experience with Teamspeak.  But I can learn.


Cpl Rush,

Thank you for the kind welcome.  As I stated of the past 4-5 years I'd mostly given up graphical "sims" in favor of war games mostly computer (Combat Mission, Gary Grigsby, Command Ops) and even some board games.  I'm just getting into Arma really.  I'd purchased Arma 2, but hardly played it.  I didn't really understand "tactics" for this type of thing and actual infantry as opposed to moving pieces on a hex.


Thanx to all of you.  I do appreciate the responses.  Sorry for my long post.   I'll SIGN-UP!!! 



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