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Unban request

L. Jackson

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Gamer Name: L. Jackson 

Date of Ban: 31/03/2018

ArmA, Teamspeak, or Both?: Both


Teamspeak UID: F2JEkUcKCwe8BYoiiUkSGqrVOsY=

ArmA ID: 76561198314409868

Reason for Ban: Recruiting from 15th meu TS for 1RB 

Comments: (This is where you make your appeal)

I went directly against 1RB's orders and I was being ignorant of both 15th MEU's rules and 1RB's. I have been chastised as a result and will not repeat it in future. All I ask for is a second chance to redeem myself. 

Edited by L. Jackson
Updated TS UID
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Mr. L. Jackson,


I am willing to give you a second chance on this since I know being new to the community can come with a few confusing moments.  We also have a good relationship with the 1RB.  Keep in mind that while second chances are rare, third chances are imaginary so I implore you to use caution in how you represent yourself and your unit to others.  Please go ahead and respond with a roger/affirm that you understand and we will get the ban removed.


Ban cleared for release after response.



LtCol M. Alexander

MEU Executive Officer

15th MEU (RU)

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